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Photo of Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Richard Strozzi-Heckler

September 27, 2017
46 minutes
Episode 6

Mastery: Beyond Coaching Technique

The idea of being able to tune into a person’s energetic field seems far out – but Richard Strozzi-Heckler is a master at deep connection using somatic cues. In this conversation he shares his tips on how to cultivate the art of connecting and coaching from Source.

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Photo of Katie Hendricks

Katie Hendricks

September 22, 2017
53 minutes
Episode 5

Creating Transformation Through the Body

We all know that coaching is moving towards becoming less head-centric and more body-inclusive – but what does that actually look like and how do we implement our increasing somatic awareness?

In this discussion, Katie unveils coaching’s biggest fallacy and shares some of the tools she uses to transcend the old paradigm.

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Photo of Gay Hendricks

Gay Hendricks

August 30, 2017
43 minutes
Episode 4

How to Live from Your Genius

In todays podcast we speak with Gay Hendricks who’s been in the field of coaching and personal development for over 45 years. He’s coached rocks stars and CEO’s alike including people like Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers.

We speak about the exciting journey of how we can begin to clarify and live more and more from our zone of genius. We also unpack some of the barriers that show up to that in what Gays calls our Upper Limit Problem.

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Photo of Karen Kimsey-House

Karen Kimsey-House

August 10, 2017
45 minutes
Episode 3

How Letting Go Leads To Coaching Mastery

What are the gateways to coaching mastery? What principles can we use that open up the space, so something bigger than us can come through. Something that fundamentally changes the coaching conversation.

Karen Kimsey-House says one such principle is letting go of our need to “get it right”. When we can drop beneath the need for results, or “being a good coach”, we can relax into the spaciousness of what’s really present.

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Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer

July 25, 2017
53 minutes
Episode 2

Coaching From Source

Jim Dethmer has been coaching for nearly three decades and it shows. He’s the founder of the Conscious Leadership Group and co-author of the acclaimed book – The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.

In this episode we explore a powerful transition we can make in our coaching, from what Jim calls ‘By Me’ coaching to ‘Through Me’ coaching.

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John Prendergast

July 4, 2017
70 minutes
Episode 1

Opening to Inner Knowing

The ability to hold and connect from a state of being that invites a deeper type of wisdom than the rational is a key skill for any agent of transformation.

In this conversation, John and Joel explore the quality of inner knowing, how to access it, and how to bring it into the coaching context.

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Your Host

Joel Monk

I’m a coach, trainer and entrepreneur.

Recently I saw on a deeper level how all the things in my life orient around cultivating a sense of ‘aliveness’. By this I mean – what is it to be awake and fully expressed in this moment? How can I metabolize the conditioning that binds me so that I can wake up into deeper expressions of authentic, embodied human presence?

I’m deeply committed to awakening the leader that lives in all of us. We’re all being invited to align with what wants to live through us and from here we can truly serve the world with our work.