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Episode 145

Coaching & Psychedelics

In many places in the US, psilocybin is being legalized and a new industry is booming – with good reason; research suggests psychedelics can have a highly beneficial impact on our psyches.

In this conversation with Paul F. Austin, founder of The Third Wave, we explore the therapeutic use of psychedelics and how it can be merged with coaching to increase the potency of our work, the different ways of working with psychedelics, the neurological and emotional changes stimulated, and the importance of safety, personalization and integration.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:00 Encountering psychedelics
08:00 The impact of psychedelics
13:15 The benefits of microdosing
16:30 Neurological changes
25:00 Personalizing psychedelic journeys
33:00 Coaches administering psychedelics
40:45 The healing power of catharsis
45:00 Transformation vs transcendence
50:00 Preparing for psychedelics
54:20 The role of intuition
58:45 Integration and wholeness
1:05:45 Receiving what we need
1:13:40 Third Wave Training Course

Resources Mentioned:
Waking Up app
Food of the Gods, by Terence McKenna
The religion of tomorrow, by Ken Wilber 
Ralph Metzner
Terence McKenna
Buckminster Fuller

About Paul

Paul Austin
Paul F. Austin

Paul F. Austin is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and trainer. He has founded two companies in the emerging psychedelic space: Third Wave and Synthesis. Third Wave is an educational platform designed to empower safe and effective psychedelic experiences for the general public. Currently, Third Wave offers long-form psychedelic guides, online trainings focused on the skill of microdosing psychedelics, and an industry-best network of clinics, retreats, and practitioners. Because of his pioneering work at the intersection of microdosing, personal transformation, and professional success, Paul has been featured on the BBC, Forbes, and Rolling Stone.

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