July 7 – 17, 2022

The Coaching Summit 2022

The Evolution of Coaching

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A free online summit to explore what’s emerging in coaching, and how we can best serve as agents of change.

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Coaches & Thought Leaders

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Summit Speakers

30+ World Class Coaches and Thought Leaders Are Ready to Inspire You

Jennifer Garvey-Berger

Author of Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps

Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl

Author of Healing Collective Trauma

Beena Sharma

President of Vertical Development Academy

Richard Strozzi Heckler

Co-Author of Compassionate Conversations

Amanda Blake

Author of Your Body Is Your Brain

Due Quach

Author of Calm Clarity

Jim Dethmer

Author of Conscious Leadership

Bayo Akomolafe

Author of These Wilds Beyond Our Fences
Photo of Veronica Paz Olalla Love

Veronica Olalla

Global CEO of The Newfield Network

Nicholas Janni

Founder of the Leader as Healer programmes

Greg Thomas

Co-Founder of The Jazz Leadership Project

Kari Granger

Executive Coach and CEO of The Granger Network

Bob Anderson

Co-author of Mastering Leadership & Scaling Leadership

Carolyn Coughlin

Carolyn Coughlin

Co-founder of Cultivating Leadership & Growth Edge Coaching
Carolyn Coughlin

Kim Barta

Internationally Recognized Psychotherapist and Speaker
Carolyn Coughlin

Bebe Hansen

Senior Faculty Member & Principal Presence-Based® Coaching

Ilarion Merculieff

Author of Wisdom keeper

Jacinta Jimenez

Author of The Burnout Fix

Indra Adnan

Psycho-social therapist and political entrepreneur

Richard Boyatzis

Distinguished Professor at Case Western Reserve University
Marita Fridjhon Photo

Marita Fridjhon

Co-owner and CEO of CRR Global
Marita Fridjhon Photo

Zak Stein

Author of Education in a Time Between Worlds

Joel Monk

Cofounder of Coaches Rising
Ellen Waenink

Ellen Waenink

Leadership and Presence Coach, senior Circling Leader and teacher of NLMM®

Steve March

Founder of the Aletheia School

David Snowden

Creator of the Cynefin Framework

Rick Hanson

Author of Buddha’s Brain

Four Arrows

Faculty at the School of Educational Leadership for Change & Author

Spring Cheng

Author of The Resonance Code

Carlo Bos

Co-CEO of the Co-Active Training Institute

Susanne Cook-Greuter

Co-Prinicipal of the Center for Leadership Maturity

Karim Hirani

Global Head of Quality and Design for BTS Coach

John Vervaeke

John Vervaeke

Award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto
Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Author Seeing Through the World

Steve Hoskinson

Steve Hoskinson

Founder Organic Intelligence® and Organic Intelligence Outreach Institute.
Steve Hoskinson

Marjoleine Byrne

Lucent Leaders / Co-Active Training Institute
Steve Hoskinson

Amelia Parente

Rare Conditions, Government Affairs, Roche

Steve Hoskinson

Rebecka Bjerhagen

Capability Lead and Coach, Roche





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A free live online summit for coaches and change agents

There’s no doubt we’re in the midst of a great transition.

We’ve all been impacted by the crises of the last few years, both as a global community and as individuals.

The world is not yet on solid footing. How can it be amidst this great upheaval, where the old ways are crumbling and the new way has not yet been birthed?

And yet beneath the chaos and uncertainty, we believe there also lies a great opportunity.

As coaches, we know this is a potent moment. The malleable and tender space where the next step is emerging.

And at Coaches Rising we believe the most powerful way to meet this moment is to gather in community.

For together we can see and feel things that are inaccessible to any of us alone.

So we created this free summit — where we can come together and learn from some of the greatest coaches and teachers alive today.

With open minds and deep hearts, we’ll explore these important questions:

  • As we take our next evolutionary step as coaches, which concepts, practices, and deep wisdom must we carry forward with us? What is essential to transformation, that we are being invited to deepen into?
  • And just as importantly, which aspects of the old ways simply no longer serve?
  • What are the new emerging ideas, theories, and forms of sense-making that are arising? What can we sense into together that is fresh and innovative?
  • How can we step outside the boundaries of what we think coaching is, and allow ourselves to be transformed by other disciplines?

In the sacred work of transformation, the most potent shifts often come, not when we’re given an answer, but rather when we sink deeply into a question. 

And so that’s the invitation we have for you. To join us for 11 days in shared inquiry. 

You’ll hear from coaches and teachers who’ve dedicated their lives to the transformational encounter — who are deeply grounded in what we know about facilitating deep change. 

And you’ll also learn from those who are brilliantly exploring the edges of what is breaking down and what is emerging.

Together, we’ll feel and sense into the new world, deepening our connection to life and how we as coaches can best serve in these times.

The Coaching Summit

is Completely Free

This event is our gift to you.

It’s truly free. Including all the recordings and replays.

We know how powerful it is to learn directly from masters of our craft. And we believe that power is magnified when we’re learning and exploring together.

So we created a space where we can all gather and learn with others who are asking the same deep questions we are.

Join us for this exploration at the edge…

Join the Summit

Days Live & Online

Summit Sessions

Coaches & Thought Leaders

Full Summit Recordings

The power of this event grows with each coach that joins us

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What you will learn during the Coaching Summit

The Coaching Summit is our gift to you, and you can delve into it however you like…

For 11 days, we’ll be exploring the evolving art of coaching. There will be teaching sessions, workshops, panel discussions, dialogues and group practice sessions.

You can join us live, watch the replays, or download the material so you can tune in later. Everything is completely free.

We’re really sinking into the big questions here. And as coaching expands its own boundaries, this event is designed to bring together people from many walks of life who are asking the same deep questions we are.

Overview of the Summit

We have an exciting and varied lineup of workshops, panel discussions, interviews, dialogs and community integration sessions.

Live Workshops

Panel Discussions, Dialogues & Integration Sessions

About Coaches Rising

Coaches Rising is founded on the belief that learning directly from the world’s best transformational practitioners is one of the greatest paths to our own coaching mastery.

It was over coffee in an Amsterdam cafe in 2009 that we first conceived of a company that would empower the world’s coaches.

Now, 13 years, 30 training programs, and thousands of students later, we’re proud to say that it has grown to become one of the most respected online coach training companies in the world. Most of all though, we’re proud of the difference it’s made to so many coaches who are doing the important work our world needs.

The Summit at a Glance

Days Live & Online

Summit Sessions

Coaches & Thought Leaders

Full Summit Recordings

Admission is free

The power of this event grows with each coach that joins us

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What coaches say about our programs

This course helped me put everything together in a way that has profoundly shifted not only my coaching, but my very definition of what I do and how I do it. It felt as if a lot of different parts and pieces that I was trying to make sense of came together. For that, I am hugely grateful.

Ronni Hendel
about The Art of Developmental Coaching

This course has been life changing. My coaching has been directly impacted as a result. I bring all of what I learned to my day to day coaching. My comfort level to purposefully work with my client’s somatic experience has increased significantly as a result.

Jennifer MacLeod
about Power of Embodied Transformation

This program added extreme depth to my coaching practice and my clients feel liberated by the change they experience in me as coach.

Michael Kriess
about Coaching from Source

The course has fundamentally changed the way I think about myself, my clients and other people in my life! I feel as if I’ve been given yet another key to understanding the human condition. What a great gift!

Jeanne Lebens
about The Art of Developmental Coaching

The Coaching Summit

is Completely Free

This event is our gift to you.

It’s truly free — including all the recordings and replays. You pay for nothing.

We know how powerful it is to learn directly from masters of our craft. And we believe that power is magnified when we’re learning and exploring together.

This is for you if…

  • You’re an experienced coach who wants to deepen your craft and learn from the best in the world
  • You’re new to coaching, and you want some inspiration and tools to help you chart your own path
  • You work with leadership teams or companies, helping them harness their collective talent for powerful work
  • You want to connect with a community of people exploring how we as change-makers can best serve in these times

Ready to explore the evolving field of coaching?

Join us for the Coaching Summit

Days Live & Online

Summit Sessions

Coaches & Thought Leaders

Full Summit Recordings

Admission is free


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still register if I can’t attend the live workshops?
Absolutely. Everything is recorded and downloadable. You can catch up whenever time allows, there are no time limits on the recordings.
Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?
It’s a mix of live live workshops, panels and integration sessions and pre-recorded dialogues. There will normally be one session live each day during the summit.
Do I need to be a certified coach to attend?
No, we welcome coaches of all experience levels! As long as you’re passionate about coaching and change, you’ll fit right in.
Is this event really free!?
It really is! We won’t charge for anything, and there is no time limit on access to the recordings. We want to enable any coach in the world to come and experience these amazing teachers.
Where can I find the full Summit schedule?
Just register and you’ll find a full schedule inside the course environment when you log in. The times and dates of the live sessions are also listed above in the live session carousel.
I love this event! How can I help?
Firstly, by showing up and making this gathering a truly powerful experience! And secondly, by spreading the word as far as you can. Post it on social media, text it to your colleagues, tell your friend about it over coffee. The more the merrier! Just use the social share buttons further up the page.
Does the summit carry CCEUs?

No, it does not. Because of the administrative demands of CCEU accreditation, we reserve this for our paid trainings only.