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What extraordinary times we’re living through.

The complexity of the challenges we’re facing is unprecedented. We lurch from crisis to crisis, while our trust in the old systems continues to fall. Conversation has never been more fractured or polarised. The future is deeply uncertain.

And yet, amidst all the rising tension there are signals that something new is emerging. Beneath the noise of panic and reactivity there is an invitation to a radical new possibility.

We are living in a moment charged with evolutionary potential.

Extraordinary times contain the seeds for extraordinary new emergence. Can we face this moment with wisdom and compassion, and evolve beyond our current ways into the leadership that wants to come through us?

As coaches we have a critical role to play in helping the emergence of these new forms of leadership. Doing so means we must reimagine who we are and how we serve.

This is why we created the Coaching Summit in 2020. To come together as a community and explore the essential questions…

  • How can we see our current crises, not simply as problems to be legislated for, but rather as a potential that’s inviting us into new forms of leadership?
  • Who is the person—grounded in the ancient wisdom of the past, and equipped with cutting-edge growth technologies—who can step into the fold and help lead us through these times of uncertainty?
  • How can we as coaches and change professionals, help our clients to embody the new forms of leadership needed to navigate this deep complexity?

To explore these pressing questions, we gathered a group of world-class experts in their respective fields, who we believe each hold an important piece of this puzzle.

During the two weeks of the summit, we created a variety of teaching sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and group practices, that helped and continue to help us all experience a process of collective sense-making and deep learning.


Summit Speakers

Over 45 World Class Coaches, Visionaries and Thought Leaders Are Ready to Inspire and Teach You

Dan Siegel

Author of Mindsight

Diane Musho Hamilton

Co-Author of Compassionate Conversations

Otto Scharmer

Co-Author of Leading from the Emerging Future

Bayo Akomolafe

Author of These Wilds Beyond Our Fences

Jennifer Garvey-Berger

Author of Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps

Beena Sharma

President of Vertical Development Academy

Gabriel Wilson

Certified Integral Facilitator & Chair of Integral Diversity Initiative

Terry Patten

Author of A New Republic of the Heart.

Jewel Kinch-Thomas

Co-Founder of The Jazz Leadership Project

Rick Hanson

Author of Buddha’s Brain

Amanda Blake

Author of Your Body Is Your Brain

Jim Dethmer

Author of Conscious Leadership

Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath

President & CEO of Biotechnology Innovation Organization

David Treleaven

Author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

Thomas Hübl

Author of The Power of We

Frederic Laloux

Author of Reinventing Organizations

Elizabeth Stanley

Author of Widen the Window

Dorah Marema

Partner at SEED South Africa

Nicholas Janni

Founder of the Leader as Healer programmes

Michael Meade

Author of Awakening the Soul

Ilarion Merculieff

Author of Wisdom keeper

Kim Loh

Co-Author of Compassionate Conversations

Joel Monk

Cofounder of Coaches Rising

Laura Storm

Co-Author of Regenerative Leadership

David Snowden

Creator of the Cynefin Framework

Spring Cheng

Author of The Resonance Code

Steve March

Founder of the Aletheia School

Hide Enomoto

Founder of CTI Japan, Transition Japan and Seven Generations

Peter Hawkins

Co-Author of Systemic Coaching

Bob Stilger

Author of After Now & Founder of NewStories

Christiana Figueres

Co-Author of The Future We Choose

Paul Byrne

The Leadership Circle / Full Circle Group

Holly Woods

Author of The Golden Thread

Rodrigo Rubido

Co-Founder and Executive Director at Instituto Elos

Amy Elizabeth Fox

Co-Founder, Mobius Leadership Group

Maaianne Knuth

Founder of Kufunda Village

Giles Hutchins

Co-Author of Regenerative Leadership

Bob Anderson

Co-author of Mastering Leadership & Scaling Leadership

Hetty Einzig

Author of The Future of Coaching

Manish Jain

Co-Founder of Shikshantar: The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education & Development

Maud Raber

Executive Embodiment Coach & Facilitator

Staci Haines

Founder of Generative Somatics & Author of The Politics of Trauma

Eve Turner

Co-Author of Systemic Coaching

Bruce Lyon

Global Head, Leadership & Employee Development at Roche

Vernice Jones

Founder of The Leadership Compass

Tammy Lowry

Global Head of Talent Development at Roche

Eman Bataineh

Associate at Cultivating Leadership

Greg Thomas

Co-Founder of The Jazz Leadership Project

Bonnitta Roy

Founder of Alderlore Insight Center

Akasha Pete Saunders

Associate at Cultivating Leadership/ Lead Coach at Solfire Consulting

Richard Boyatzis

Distinguished Professor at Case Western Reserve University

Zanette Johnson

Founder of Intrinsic Impact Coaching, NewStories Core Team Facilitator



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About the Summit

It was over coffee in an Amsterdam cafe that we (Joel and Laurens, founders of Coaches Rising) first conceived of a company that would empower the world’s coaches.

11 years, 25+ training programs, and thousands of students later, we’re proud at the difference we’ve made to so many coaches as we all face the growing challenges of leadership and consciousness.

Coaches Rising is founded on the belief that there are few more powerful paths to coaching mastery, that being in close relationship with the world’s best transformation practitioners.

But this summit is also more than teaching, it’s a collective enquiry into the pressing leadership questions of our time.

It’s for you if…

  • You’re an experienced coach who wants to deepen their craft and learn from the best in the world.
  • You’re a new coach, just starting out on the path and want some inspiration and tools.
  • You work with leadership teams or companies, helping them harness their collective talent in an effective team environments.

If this is you, sign up!

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