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Latest Podcast Episode

Linda Ford

Episode 66

How I Upleveled My Coaching Business

October 12, 2020

Does this sound familiar: you know who your ideal client is and you know how to sell but something still doesn’t feel as easeful or enlivening about your coaching practice as you imagine it could?

In this conversation with strategic coach Linda Ford, we explore what it means to coach at your personal edge, how to enrol clients who are a Yes to working at that edge, and the adaptive strategies that each of us have that can get in the way of us enrolling our ideal clients.

Zak Stein

Episode 65

A Time Between Worlds

October 2, 2020
with Zak Stein
Judith Blackstone

Judith Blackstone

Episode 64

The Realization Process

July 31, 2020
with Judith Blackstone