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Latest Podcast Episode

Photo of Nicholas Janni

Nicholas Janni

Episode 30

How to Deeply Attune to Your Clients

November 15, 2018

It’s clear that there’s a lot of emotional maturing that needs to happen in the world of organizations, but how much of that is related to leadership and how do we help leaders access a deeper emotional maturity within themselves?

In this episode, peak performance expert Nicholas Janni talks to us about his top-down/bottom-up approach to this issue, and how to use our own bodies as a sensing tool to accompany our clients into ever deeper levels of internal awareness and external presence.

Photo of Diana Chapman

Diana Chapman

Episode 29

Stop being so serious! Playfulness and Coaching

November 1, 2018
with Diana Chapman
Photo of Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

Episode 28

Embodied Coaching Essentials

October 18, 2018
with Mark Walsh