May 12 – August 29, 2022


The Art of Developmental Coaching

Deeply Understand Your Client’s World. Elegantly Expand Their Consciousness.

A journey of profound human growth

At the heart of every transformative conversation, lies an unseen force.

Understanding it gives you the keys to catalyze your clients’ growth. But without the right tools, it’s nearly impossible to see.

Each person is, in their own way, subject to this unseen force. And it shapes how they see themselves and the world. 

It determines the dilemmas they face, the dreams they deem impossible, and the pathways that appear blocked at every turn. 

Just as the eye cannot see itself, your clients cannot see the window through which they see the world — the beliefs, biases, and limits they never question because they take them for truth.

This is why the stories they tell themselves exert tremendous control over them. It’s why they get stuck. Why part of them longs for something, but another part says it’s not possible, not acceptable, not the way the world works. 

But what if you could make the invisible visible? 

What if you could reveal a new way of being for your clients? One that allows them to see and understand the forces that have held them back, so they can move forward towards the deep changes that truly matter to them.

What if you could grasp, on the deepest levels, why a conversation creates a profound shift in one client, but falls flat with another?

What if you could know — intimately — a process at the heart of human change?

There is a body of work and wisdom, drawing upon decades of research that can answer these questions.

It is a rigorous map, developed by pioneering psychologists over five decades, that shows how human beings actually grow and develop over their lifetime. And when you as a coach learn to work from this approach, you can understand your clients in a profoundly new way.

This practice of developmental coaching can enable you to…

  • Uncover the invisible meaning-making structures of your clients, so they feel deeply seen and understood 
  • Release your clients from the restrictive lenses through which they see and interact with the world, so they can move towards the deep changes that matter to them
  • Help your clients shift their entire worldview, freeing them to create their life and desires

This incredible body of work does something no other coaching methodology does — it shows us how to purposely and compassionately evolve.

And when we reveal the hidden structures that underlie this evolution, we unlock the door to profound growth for our clients and ourselves. 

This is the Art of Developmental Coaching — a conscious path of transformation itself. 

17 Live Video Workshops

Learn the key principles of coaching with presence during 90-minute workshops containing cutting edge teaching material and live Q+A.

Earn 25.5 CCEUs

This training is officially accredited by the ICF. Attending will grant you 25.5 CCEU’s (21 of which are for Core Competencies).

4 Live Integration Workshops

Learn to embody the principles of the training during 4 integration workshops, including breakout discussions and practice with your fellow coaches

Fully Downloadable

Everything can be downloaded (workshop videos, audio versions, transcripts, workbooks) so you can learn at your own pace.

Integration Workbooks

You’ll receive 2 workbooks to help you integrate and deepen the key principles you learn during the training.

Full Transcripts

You’ll receive full transcripts from each and every workshop, allowing you to easily revisit any of the program materials at your leisure.

6 Bonus Recordings

And we’re including 6 full workshop recordings from previous programs featuring Robert Kegan, Susanne Cook-Greuter, and Doug Silsbee.

Meet the faculty for this training

We’ve gathered a teaching faculty for this training that is world-class in developmental coaching.

These coaches and teachers have decades of experience applying these rich models of development to their work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders and artists all over the world.

How the Art of Developmental Coaching Works

The Art of Developmental Coaching is a 15-week online coach training.

Each session is live, so you’ll have the opportunity to interact in real time with the esteemed faculty for the training. Of course, everything is recorded and downloadable, so you can watch on your own schedule, and come back to the material again and again for deeper learning.

Here’s how it works…

  • The 17 workshops are weekly, for 90 minutes on Zoom. They include a teaching lecture, followed by Q+A.
  • And you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your learning with workbooks, transcripts, and 4 special integration sessions where we’ll use Zoom breakout groups for deep discussion and practice.

A live and interactive experience

All of the sessions will take place live via video workshop, where there will be the opportunity to discuss your learnings via breakout discussions, participate in powerful coaching demonstrations, and ask questions.
Like all our courses, The Art of Developmental Coaching is carefully designed to help you learn this powerful coaching methodology.

Each workshop brings in new, critical skills that build on the previous material. Rather than a series of unconnected workshops that require you to knit them together yourself, the core of this course will guide you through an integrated arc that builds on itself, teaching you the powerful practice of developmental coaching. 

You’ll learn from world-renowned coaches and teachers who have decades of experience in guiding people through this territory.

Through a mixture of live teaching, coaching demonstrations, and both group and solo practices, this amazing faculty will show you how to guide your clients through the territory of human evolution itself.

You’ll learn how to free your clients from the bounds of their own minds, so they can create the life they want.

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The Program Schedule

The Art of Developmental Coaching is a fully live and online coach training. You can join from anywhere in the world. You will find the course schedule below (we are still confirming a small number of the workshops).

Use the buttons to expand the modules and see the entire workshop schedule and details.

  • Module 1
    Jennifer Garvey Berger

    The Developmental Landscape

    with Jennifer Garvey Berger

    In the first module, Jennifer will introduce you to the key principles of developmental coaching. You’ll learn how to identify the 3 most common developmental stages, how to listen for deep structure rather than content, and how to engage your clients developmental growth edge.

    Click to see Workshops

      What You Will Learn in Module 1

    • Workshop 1
      Jennifer Garvey Berger

      Understanding the Terrain of Adult Development

      with Jennifer Garvey Berger

      May 12 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Gain an understanding of the 3 most common stages of adult growth, allowing you to clearly identify the developmental arc your clients are making.
      • Learn how these different stages processes thoughts and feelings, enabling you to attune your coaching to your client’s specific needs.
      • Understand the trajectory of growth that moves us from one stage to the next, allowing you to guide your clients skillfully and confidently.
    • Workshop 2
      Jennifer Garvey Berger

      Listening for Meaning

      with Jennifer Garvey Berger

      May 19 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Differentiate between listening for surface story and listening for deep structure within your coaching conversations, allowing you to point your client to what’s most important.
      • Learn how to ask coaching questions that help you identify your clients’ current growth edge, enabling you to support them in taking the next step on their developmental journey.
      • Explore listening techniques and questions that uncover and activate that edge, so that you can boost your clients’ development and effectiveness.
    • Workshop 3
      Jennifer Garvey Berger

      Habits of Mind

      with Jennifer Garvey Berger

      May 26 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Understand how to intentionally design practices for your clients that explicitly help them transform developmentally.
      • Learn the 3 habits of mind that underpin development, enabling you to create optimum conditions for your clients to grow.
      • Discover how to think about your own growth in such a way that your capacity to be a guide for your clients continues to develop.
    • Workshop 4
      Jennifer Garvey Berger

      Escaping Leadership Mind-traps

      with Jennifer Garvey Berger

      Jun 2 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Understand why our human minds are designed for a less connected, more predictable world, and how we need to purposely reshape it for the future.
      • Explore the common “mind-traps” that we possess—automatic shortcuts in thinking, that are no longer helpful in today’s world.
      • Learn how to identify these common “mind-traps” and the keys that unlock them, allowing you to support your client in escaping into new possibilities.
  • Module 2
    Carolyn CoughlinVernice JonesAkasha

    Meeting Outer Complexity with Inner Complexity

    with Carolyn Coughlin, Vernice Jones, Akasha, Rebecca Scott, and Dominic Longo

    In the second module, you’ll learn how developmental coaching gives us the keys to navigating the ever-increasing complexity of our world — both the world “out there” and the many facets of our inner terrain. You’ll learn tools to bring more of yourself into your coaching sessions and how to work with clients who hold a core identity that is different from your own.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 2

    • Workshop 5
      Carolyn Coughlin

      Cultivating Complexity Fitness by Discovering our Complexity Genius

      with Carolyn Coughlin

      Jun 9 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore the idea of Complexity Fitness — what it is and how we can support our clients to cultivate it so they can thrive in the complexity of these times 
      • Discover three key elements of Complexity Fitness — our context, our identity, and our somatic experience
      • Learn how their innate Complexity Genius can help our clients bridge the gap between their habitual patterns and the complex and unpredictable world
    • Workshop 6
      Carolyn Coughlin

      Tapping into my Own Complexity Genius as a Coach

      with Carolyn Coughlin

      Jun 17 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn how you as a coach can tap into and amplify your own Complexity Genius so you too can thrive in the world of complexity
      • Explore some of the particular contexts that trigger you out of Complexity Fitness, and how to navigate them in both your life and work
      • Discover ways to consciously engage your Complexity Genius, and how to scale it in support of your clients
    • Workshop 7
      Carolyn CoughlinVernice JonesAkasha

      Coaching Across Difference: Working With Humanity and Distinctiveness in Relationship

      with Carolyn Coughlin, Vernice Jones, and Akasha

      Jun 23 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore the concept of Coaching to See, and how it can help you coach across differences in culture, gender, age, history, and more
      • Learn how to increase your capacity to see your clients more fully, and to engage with them across the identities that matter most to them
      • Discover ways to help your clients increase their capacity to identify assumptions, and how these assumptions affect how they experience themselves and others
    • Workshop 8

      Coaching Inclusively: Gender, Sex, and the Body

      with Rebecca Scott and Dominic Longo

      Jun 30 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore what it means to coach inclusively — to coach the entirety of the person in front of you, including the parts society finds shameful
      • Cultivate awareness and inclusion of your own inner diversity, so you can include more of yourself in your coaching relationships
      • Learn practical tools to uncover how the power of gender and sex are present in and inscribed onto the body  
      • Discover connections between your own personal development and your engagement with diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Module 3
    Bob AndersonNicholas Janni

    Creating Leaps in Consciousness

    with Bob Anderson and Nicholas Janni

    In the third module, Bob and Nicholas will show you how you can effectively and compassionately support development with your clients through key, fundamental shifts. You’ll explore an emerging form of leadership, and how practices of deep presence can invite deep transformation into your sessions with clients at all stages of development.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 3

    • Workshop 9
      Bob Anderson

      Supporting the Heroic Journey from Reaction to Creativity

      with Bob Anderson

      Jul 7 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn the fundamental shift in identity between areactive to creative way of being, enabling you to see this crucial development in your clients more clearly.
      • Discover how to recognize the polarity between purpose and safety, so that you can support clients in any significant “step up” into living and leading more fully.
      • Learn the tools and practices that are most effective in supporting the shift in consciousness from reactive to creative.
    • Workshop 10
      Bob Anderson

      Essential Tools for Supporting Your Clients Development

      with Bob Anderson

      Jul 14 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn to distill the deeper personal yearning beneath what your client is wanting, so you can cut beneath the surface and work on a more transformational level.
      • Discover how to help your clients uncover the developmental lesson embedded in their problems, giving them the tools to help themselves.
      • Practice uncovering and reframing reactive self-limiting assumptions, so that your clients are no longer trapped in a play-not-to-lose game.
    • Workshop 11
      Bob AndersonNicholas Janni

      Mapping the Territory of Integral Leadership/Development

      with Bob Anderson and Nicholas Janni

      Jul 21 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn a comprehensive model of Integral Leadership—what is it and what capacities come online that differentiate it from Creative Leadership.
      • Understand and practice a first definition of presence: “I am here and I am available”
      • Learn practices that shift your state of presence with your client so you can create and transmit a highly transformative field
    • Workshop 12
      Bob AndersonNicholas Janni

      Integral Undefended Presence

      with Bob Anderson and Nicholas Janni

      Jul 28 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Practice showing up with your client in undefended presence
      • Understand and practice a second definition of presence: “Grounded in Nowhere/No-Thing, fully engaged with here”
      • Learn to access subtle intuitive information in the field of your client and to be informed about what is trying to come through you in response to what is emerging in the coaching session
  • Module 4
    Beena Sharma

    Unique Perspectives on Developmental Coaching

    with Geoff Fitch, Thomas McConkie, Beena Sharma, and Tyson Yunkaporta

    In this final module, you will learn powerful methods complimentary to the core trajectory of modules one, two and three, bringing fresh perspectives and enriching your understanding of this powerful practice of developmental coaching.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 4

    • Workshop 13

      Practicing Truthfulness as a Path to Transformation

      with Geoff Fitch

      Aug 4 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore how coaching with a commitment to truthfulness (a deeper intimacy with how things simply are) creates ease and spaciousness in the coaching relationship
      • Learn how embracing the truth of what is, inwardly and outwardly, can facilitate release, opening, and movement
      • Understand why people avoid intimacy, and how the body’s intelligence can guide us towards a more open way of being
    • Workshop 14

      How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World

      with Tyson Yunkaporta

      Aug 11 |
      12:00-1:30am US Pacific
      9-10:30 AM Central European
      • Explore how Indigenous perspectives view contemporary systems, and how these systems are at the root of so many global challenges
      • Learn Indigenous solutions to modern issues — ways to act in synchrony with the pattern of creation itself 
      • explore how Indigenous ways of thinking and knowing are needed in the co-creation of sustainable systems
    • Workshop 15

      Descending Practice: The Art of Growing Down

      with Thomas McConkie

      Aug 18 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Recognize some of the most foundational qualities of human development, upon which all of our later stage development rests
      • More powerfully access meditative qualities of early-stage development that will not only act as attractors for your clients, but give you great joy to explore
      • Learn to recognize when free-flowing consciousness gets stuck in these shadowy layers, and how to respond in a way that is liberating
    • Workshop 16
      Beena Sharma

      Leadership Maturity Coaching: Integrating Vertical Development and Polarity Wisdom, Part 1

      with Beena Sharma

      Aug 23 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore the stages of vertical development, and learn how each stage navigates polarities and paradoxes
      • Learn key ‘developmental footholds’ – those developmental tasks that individuals need to master at each stage of adult development to transition onward
      • Understand the Polarity lens, and how it can be used as a high-leverage, strategic coaching tool to facilitate maturity
    • Workshop 17
      Beena Sharma

      Leadership Maturity Coaching: Integrating Vertical Development and Polarity Wisdom, Part 2

      with Beena Sharma

      Aug 26 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore polarity dynamics, and learn how to identify your client’s pole-preferences 
      • Identify aspects of your own developmental trajectory, and how you can invite greater vertical development into your own life
      • Discover new ways to be affirming, respecting, and welcoming of everybody into their unique journey and to recognize the triumph of their arrival wherever they are
    Ellen Waenink headshot

    Practice and Connect Live with Fellow Coaches

    with Ellen Waenink

    Our course steward Ellen Waenink will lead 4 integration workshops throughout the training. Live on Zoom, these experiential sessions are a chance for you to embody all you’ve been learning. You’ll be able to connect and practice with other coaches on the program.

    Click to see Workshops
  • Bonus Recordings

    And you’ll receive these bonus workshops

    We’re including 6 full workshop recordings from previous years of the program.

    • Recording 1
      Robert Kegan

      Coaching Organizations to Grow

      with Robert Kegan

      • Learn a new model for unleashing human and organizational development that is already changing leading edge companies.
      • Understand the core features of a company culture that allows employees to show up as themselves, and contribute fully to company growth.
      • Explore how you as a coach can support leaders who want to introduce growth oriented culture in their organizations.
    • Recording 2
      Susanne Cook-Greuter

      Holding Ourselves with Humor and Lightness with Presence

      with Susanne Cook-Greuter

      • Learn how to take your professional-self less seriously, allowing you to forgive and even smile at your yearning for perfection.
      • Discover how to foster growth and healing by modelling kindness and equanimity towards self and others.
      • Learn practices that increase lightness for those of us who are not born with a funny bone.
    • Recording 3
      Doug Silsbee

      The 9 Panes: Development through Presence and Perspective-taking

      with Doug Silsbee

      • Discover how the new Nine Panes developmental framework allows you and your clients to shift perspectives more fluidly and meet complex challenges with increased resilience and clarity.
      • Learn how to infuse the moment-to-moment activities of Sensing, Being and Acting with awareness, so that they become powerful doorways for development for you and your clients.
      • Expand this new awareness to include not only your client’s sense of self or Identity, but also their soma and the bigger contexts they find themselves in.
    • Recording 4
      Doug Silsbee

      Sensing and the Making of Meaning

      with Doug Silsbee

      • Learn how to identify the elements of complexity that challenge your client’s identity and the habitual reactions these evoke.
      • Learn how to increase your somatic awareness, so that you can refine your client’s capacity to stay present and resilient in the face of these developmental challenges.
      • Learn specific developmental coaching tools that help your clients see the way they see themselves and the world, so that they open up to developmentally bigger perspectives and possibilities.
    • Recording 5
      Doug Silsbee

      Being with Presence

      with Doug Silsbee

      • Discover how to gain greater mastery over your inner states, allowing you to unlock the key to resilience and embodied commitments.
      • Distinguish between habit states and resilient states, so that your clients can de-link their inner state from the context they find themselves in and remain centered and at choice.
      • Practice presence-based coaching moves that help your clients “catch their habits in the act”, so that they are free to not enact them and choose more creative and resilient alternatives.
    • Recording 6
      Doug Silsbee

      Acting with Presence

      with Doug Silsbee

      • Examine the relationship between inner states, urges and actions, so that you can leverage the choice point that exists between the arising of an urge and an actual action.
      • Develop specific coaching moves that invite your clients to take new actions that are more appropriate to meet their current challenges and that will produce the future they most deeply care about.

What our graduates say about the program

Life-altering. This course has given me the knowledge and techniques to help my clients process, understand and heal at deeper levels.

Ilana Segal

This has been a deeply transformative experience! I feel inspired and recharged. My coaching practice feels fresher, deeper and alive again!

Maria Marc

It’s been a brilliant experience from start to finish. This material is so practical — I now understand myself at a different level, and have been coaching at a much deeper level with both individuals and teams. Genuinely transformational!

Tom Farrand

This course is amazing… the value for the money is more than any other professional development course I’ve taken. I learned more than I could have imagined and the intimacy we were able to achieve being online was surprisingly deep.

Ti Mougne

This course is mind-blowing. You have to take it! There is so much packed in and the presenters are so crazy good.

Denise Corey

This is the best, most useful and impactful coaching-related course I’ve taken since my initial coach training.

Charles Feltman

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The Art of Developmental Coaching

The Art of Developmental Coaching is a deep dive into the very heart of transformation.

It offers you a map of change itself, giving you unparalleled insight into the human mind.

You’ll learn how to understand the unique mind of every single client — helping them to free themselves from their limits, stories, and conditioning, so they can create what’s most important to them.

And it’s not just about your clients. It’s also about you…

This course is designed to help you continue your own personal evolution. To find your own limits, become aware of your own blinders, and release you from patterns that might be keeping you from making the impact you want to make with your clients.

You’ll learn from some of the world’s experts on developmental change. Men and women who have dedicated themselves to this work — both as a profession and a way of life — living and breathing the path of conscious evolution.

Together they will teach you the transformative art of developmental coaching.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be able to access the downloads of the training?
You’ll have guaranteed access for twelve months following the completion of the program. To retain them longer than this we advise that you download them onto your own computer.
Are the workshops live or pre-recorded?
All our workshops are live via Zoom video conference.
What experience level do I need to take your course?

While there is no specific amount of experience required, our trainings are focused on more advanced coaching skills for existing coaches. However, they are delivered in a way that you should understand even if you are a relative beginner. If you are brand new to coaching and personal development, you may be better served attending an introductory coaching program.

Can I receive CCEUs, with a certificate?

Yes, if you meet the requirement to earn CCEUs you can receive a certificate of completion.

Can I receive CCEUs even if I can’t attend the workshops live?

Yes, you can gain CCEUs by viewing the recordings and filling out an online form. The ICF has recently changed their requirements to where they no longer require live attendance.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this program for any reason, contact us at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll be happy to issue you a full refund.

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Yes, we offer a discount for groups of 5 or more. We also have larger discounts for larger groups. Email us using the link in the box below for more information.
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Yes, there are a limited number of scholarships available. You’re welcome to submit your application here. The deadline is Sat May 7th at 11:59 p.m. US Pacific time.

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