Live online coach training March 1–June 14, 2018

The Art of Developmental Coaching


A journey of profound human growth.

You may not realize this. But reality is not what it seems.

There is an invisible force that determines how we see ourselves and the world. It underlies every single coaching conversation that we will ever have.

Just as the eye cannot see itself, your clients cannot see the window frame through which they see their own world.

And because of this invisible frame, the stories they tell themselves exert tremendous control over them. They are keeping them from seeing ways out of their dilemmas, and blocking the way forward toward their dreams.

But what if you could make the invisible visible? What if you could illuminate what’s really going on for your clients?

What if you could know – intimately – a process at the heart of human change?

What if you could grasp, why a conversation creates a profound shift in one client, and falls flat with another?

There is a body of work and wisdom, drawing upon decades of research that can answer these questions.

It is a rigorous map, developed by pioneering psychologists over five decades, that shows how human beings actually grow and develop over their lifetime. And when you as a coach learn to work from this approach, you can understand your clients in a profoundly new way.

  • You can meet them where they’re truly at, so they feel deeply seen.
  • You can help them shift their entire worldview.
  • You can help them make the changes that they so deeply want to make.

We invite you to join us, and enroll in the Art of Developmental Coaching.

13 Live Video Workshops

Learn the key principles of developmental coaching during 90-minute workshops containing teaching, coaching demos, practices and live discussion.

Integration Workbooks and Transcripts

You’ll receive 4 workbooks to help you integrate and deepen the key principles, as well as transcripts of every session so you can easily review your learning.

Earn 19 CCEUs

All our programs meet the high standards of the ICF. Attending this training will grant you 19 CCEU’s (17,5 core competencies) even if you can’t attend live.

Bonus Materials

You’ll receive 7 full recordings of workshops from previous versions of the training, enabling you to take your learning even deeper into new areas.

Fully Downloadable

Everything can be downloaded—workshop videos, audio versions, transcripts, workbooks—so you can learn at your own pace.

Experiential Practices

Embody the principles of the training using specific practices between sessions – practice solo or with a partner.

Meet the faculty for this training.

We’ve gathered a faculty that as far as we’re concerned, are the best in the world in this area.

These coaches have decades of experience applying the rich models of adult development to their work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders and artists.

Learn the transformative art of developmental coaching

The Art of Developmental Coaching is a 15-week online coach training.

It’s designed to equip you with tools and maps to help your clients go beneath the surface of their goals and frustrations, into the domain of deep change.

It will help you make the invisible visible, showing your clients the developmental pathway that leads away from their dilemmas and frustrations, toward the deep changes that truly matter to them.

This practice of developmental coaching can enable you to…

  • Free your clients from the restrictive lenses through which they see and interact with the world around them.
  • Uncover the invisible meaning-making structures of your clients, so they feel deeply seen and understood.
  • Learn how to release your clients from a reactive mindset, and free them to create their life and desires.

And it’s not only your clients that will change. You will too.

You see, you can’t not evolve personally as you go through this program. The curriculum will guide you to find your own limits, become aware of your own blinders, and release you from patterns that might be keeping you from making the impact you want to make with your clients.

You’ll learn from some of the world’s experts on developmental change – men and women who have a rich and sophisticated command of the theory, yet who have dedicated themselves to the application of this work as coaches, consultants and leaders.

Together they will teach you the transformative art of developmental coaching.

We’ve created an integrated learning journey for you.

This will be our third time running the program – we’ve had more than 700 coaches graduate. And this year we’ve added new bonus sessions and materials.

We’ve designed the course as a developmental journey in itself – an integrated arc that teaches you how to coach from a developmental understanding.

The learning arc of the program occurs in 3 modules that build on one another to deepen your understanding and capacity for applying this work with your own clients. Each module consists of 3-4 sessions.

Then the 3 bonus sessions with Beena Sharma, Robert Kegan and Susanne Cook-Greuter will run after module 3.

Finally, we’re also giving you the recordings of seven full workshop sessions from previous runs of the course, including Robert Kegan’s session on the evolution of consciousness, Doug Silsbee’s full module on the 9 Panes of presence based coaching, and Deborah Helsing’s two sessions on the Immunity to Change process.



March 1st, 8th, & 15th

with Jennifer Garvey Berger

In the first phase of the journey, Jennifer Garvey Berger will introduce you to the terrain of adult development. You will examine the different stages of the growth arc that are possible for you and your clients, as well as the implications of this understanding for what it means to coach developmentally.

  • Learn about the three most common developmental stages growth and how you can listen to your clients in ways that reveal how they make sense of the world.
  • Discover how to listen for deep structure rather than content, giving you the keys to deep developmental change in your clients.
  • Learn how to identify and engage your client’s personal growth edge freeing them to expand into more full versions of themselves.



March 29th, April 12th & 19th

with Carolyn Coughlin & Bebe Hansen

In the second part of the program, Carolyn Coughlin and Bebe Hansen will take you deeply into the core process that enables true development and transformation: the subject-object move. They will do this through an integrative model, which includes the full somatic and cognitive dimensions of human beings.

  • Understand how to practice the core process at the heart of developmental transformation, helping your clients see the hidden ways they create the world around them.
  • Learn how to infuse everyday activities like seeing, being and acting with presence and awareness, so that they become catalysts for development.
  • Discover how to integrate the soma/body and the bigger contexts we are a part of in your awareness and coaching.



May 3rd, 10th, 17th, & 24th

with Bob Anderson & Rob McNamara

In the final module, Bob Anderson and Rob McNamara you will focus in on how you can effectively and compassionately support development at and between specific stages of consciousness.

  • Understand the two key shifts that the vast majority of your clients make developmentally, allowing you to appropriately guide them in their particular growth needs.
  • Explore the most common transition that our clients seek out our help for: the shift from fitting into the rules around us, to standing up for our own values.
  • Discover how our focus on achievement can actually obstruct growth and development, allowing you to guide yourself and your clients into truly unique expressions of authenticity.

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What you will learn during the training

Jennifer Garvey-Berger

Jennifer Garvey-Berger


Understanding the Terrain of Adult Development

Jennifer Garvey-Berger
March 1st
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Gain an understanding of the 3 most common stages of adult growth, allowing you to clearly identify the developmental arc your clients are making.
  • Learn how these different stages processes thoughts and feelings, enabling you to attune your coaching to your client’s specific needs.
  • Understand the trajectory of growth that moves us from one stage to the next, allowing you to guide your clients skilfully and confidently.

Listening for Meaning

Jennifer Garvey-Berger
March 8th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Differentiate between listening for surface story and listening for deep structure within your coaching conversations, allowing you to point your client to what’s most important.
  • Learn how to ask coaching questions that help you identify your clients’ current growth edge, enabling you to support them in taking the next step on their developmental journey.
  • Explore listening techniques and questions that uncover and activate that edge, so that you can boost your clients’ development and effectiveness.

Habits of Mind

Jennifer Garvey-Berger
March 15th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Understand how to intentionally design practices for your clients that explicitly help them transform developmentally.
  • Learn the 3 habits of mind that underpin development, enabling you to create optimum conditions for your clients to grow.
  • Discover how to think about your own growth in such a way that your capacity to be a guide for your clients continues to develop.

Carolyn Coughlin



The Subject-Object Move

Carolyn Coughlin
March 29th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Understand the core developmental principle: helping clients move from unseen and unexamined identity, to visible and observable identity.
  • Practice with present-moment experience to cultivate the capacity to thrive in complex and demanding situations.
  • Learn how to recognize the disorienting gap between the complexity of your future desires, and your historical habits.

Bebe Hansen



Context, Identity and Soma

Bebe Hansen
April 12th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Distinguish three levels of scale available in every moment – soma, identity, and context – so you can better understand the types of challenge your clients face.
  • Practice with specific coaching tools that enable you to explore your and your client’s experience on each of these levels.
  • Learn how to stay present and centered in yourself and your body while feeling threatened and reactive.

Carolyn Coughlin



Sensing, Being and Acting

Carolyn Coughlin
April 19th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Learn the three fundamental human processes: sensing, being, and acting, enabling you to bring finer distinction to your awareness of your client.
  • Practice making these fundamental processes objective in your own experience, enabling you to observe, intervene, and expand your clarity and range of possibilities.
  • Discover how each of these processes can serve as a doorway into awareness, increasing your capacity to intervene in experience.

Bob Anderson



Supporting the Heroic Journey from Reactive to Creative

Bob Anderson
May 3rd
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Learn the fundamental shift in identity between a reactive to creative way of being, enabling you to see this crucial development in your clients more clearly.
  • Discover how to recognize the polarity between purpose and safety, so that you can support clients in any significant “step up” into living and leading more fully.
  • Learn the tools and practices that are most effective in supporting the shift in consciousness from reactive to creative.

Essential Tools for Supporting Your Client's Development

Bob Anderson
May 10th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Learn to distil the deeper personal yearning beneath what your client is wanting, so you can cut beneath the surface and work on a more transformational level.
  • Discover how to help your clients uncover the developmental lesson embedded in their problems, giving them the tools to help themselves.
  • Practice uncovering and reframing reactive self-limiting assumptions, so that your clients are no longer trapped in a play-not-to-lose game.

Rob McNamara



Autonomy, Elegance and The 3 Distortions of More

Rob McNamara
May 17th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Examine the 3 distortions of more that are likely to sidetrack your client’s development, so that you can help them recognize and move beyond them.
  • Unpack the key organizing principles of the higher stages of mind, so that you can meet even your developmentally advanced clients on a much deeper level.
  • Experiment with specific practices and inquiries that you can use to help reveal the highest stages of development, giving you and your clients access to higher transformational capacities.

Growing Beyond Autonomy: The Birth of Elegance

Rob McNamara
May 24th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Discover how to navigate some of the most common obstacles to growth beyond autonomy, so you can support your clients as they move toward the highest levels of consciousness
  • Explore you and your client’s focus on achievement and how these actually obstruct growth and development.
  • Practice how to leverage unconditioned completeness to facilitate greater elegance in your clients.

Robert Kegan



Coaching Organizations to Grow

Robert Kegan
May 30th
10:30-11:30am US Pacific

  • Learn a new model for unleashing human and organizational development that is already changing leading edge companies.
  • Understand the core features of a company culture that allows employees to show up as themselves, and contribute fully to company growth.
  • Explore how you as a coach can support leaders who want to introduce growth oriented culture in their organizations.

Susanne Cook-Greuter



Holding Ourselves with Humor and Lightness

Susanne Cook-Greuter
June 6th
10:00-11:30am US Pacific

  • Learn how to take your professional-self less seriously, allowing you to forgive and even smile at your yearning for perfection.
  • Discover how to foster growth and healing by modelling kindness and equanimity towards self and others.
  • Learn practices that increase lightness for those of us who are not born with a funny bone

Beena Sharma



Tailoring Coaching for Vertical Development

Beena Sharma
June 14th
10:00-11:45am US Pacific

  • Learn to recognize developmental movement between stages enabling you to tailor your coaching specifically for each client.
  • Understand how each stage of development navigates polarities and paradoxes, allowing you to help your clients with their specific dilemmas.
  • Discover how to interpret your own developmental trajectory allowing greater self-directed growth in yourself.

The course has fundamentally changed the way I think about myself, my clients and other people in my life! I feel as if I’ve been given yet another key to understanding the human condition. What a great gift!

Jeanne Lebens

I have tried so many of the exercises, applications and questions. The impact has been direct and immediate. The way it has expanded my repertoire and toolbox is really exciting.

Ron Martoia

This course has fundamentally shifted the way I look at my work with clients and in my daily interactions. Transformative learning. The kind that results in seeing new possibilities in being, thinking and doing. Very special.

Linda Beitz

This course helped me put everything together in a way that has profoundly shifted not only my coaching, but my very definition of what I do and how I do it. It felt as if a lot of different parts and pieces that I was trying to make sense of came together. For that, I am hugely grateful.

Ronni Hendel

Adult development is so profound and at the same time subtle. I think I finally GOT it in this course. And I’ll be playing with the tools for years to come.

Linda Bidlack

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When you as a coach learn to work on this level, you can help your clients in a new and profound way.

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