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A new self-study coaching program

Inside Coaching

Step inside the master’s workshop

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Enter the magic of the transformational encounter itself

What would happen if you could pull up a chair inside the coaching rooms of world-class coaches and watch them work with real clients?

As coaches, our job is to walk with our clients along the path of change and metamorphosis. We enter into the mysterious territory of transformation.

We always bring our training and experience into the conversation, but sometimes we find ourselves in the deepest parts of the unknown.

There are places that simply defy mapping. 

How do we learn to navigate those places? How do we deepen our wisdom and expand our ability to create the space for transformation to occur, no matter what emerges in the coaching session?

In answer to these questions, we’re inviting you to sit inside the virtual coaching room of some of the most adept and innovative coaches alive, and watch how they navigate the path of change.

Inside Coaching is a self-study 12-week online program that opens the black box of transformation in a way we’ve never done before. It takes you behind the scenes, and shows you how true masters work with real people. 

And then, like in a true apprenticeship, each coach offers a debrief of the session, where you’ll learn why the experts did what they did.

Nothing is scripted. All the clients have come to the sessions with real issues, and the coaches bring nothing but their wisdom and presence.

And through the magic of technology you’re right there, inside the room with them.

This is a different kind of learning experience.

One that happens inside the coaching encounter itself. 

Here’s what you will find inside the program

12 full and unedited video coaching sessions

Watch some of the best in the world coach real people. Learn how the masters navigate through transformational conversations.

12 full debrief videos with both coach and client

Examine the key moments of the sessions in debrief videos. Learn why the coaches did what they did and how the clients are impacted.

Workbooks, transcripts and bonus videos

Clarify your insights and learnings through workbooks and transcripts. Watch bonus coaching demos recorded live during previous programs.

Member forum and discussion threads

Meet with other coaches to connect and explore your experiences. Share your big insights and invite others to discuss your ideas.

How Inside Coaching works

Unlike our other trainings, Inside Coaching is a self-study program—you decide how you explore it. Here’s what will happen…

We’ll send you one module each week. 

Each one begins with a full, unedited video of a coaching session featuring a master coach and a real client.

Each session is a recorded video, giving you flexibility you don’t have in a live demo. You can pause. Rewind. Study the client. Study the coach. Feel into what you’re drawn to in the conversation. You can progress through the sessions at your pace.

And then, each coach offers a debrief of the session, and explains why they did what they did.

Why did they ask the questions they asked? What inner knowing guided them at key junctures? How did they lead the client to the moment of breakthrough?

You’ll also hear from the client, as they speak about the impact it’s had on them, and the challenges they brought into the session.

And if you want to go a step further, you can clarify your insights through an integration workbook that will come with each module. Or read back over the conversations using transcripts.

We’ve also included 2 bonus coaching sessions recorded for the 2019 Coaching Summit. You can watch transformational masters Nicholas Janni and Bebe Hanson work their magic coaching participants of the summit.

Finally, we’ve created a member forum where you’ll be able to connect with other coaches and discuss the program. Our Course Steward Ellen will be there with you, seeding discussions and answering questions.

Meet the Master Coaches You’ll Learn From

Amanda Blake

Amanda Blake

Somatic Leadership Coach
Author of Your Body Is Your Brain

Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl

Spiritual Teacher
Author of Healing Collective Trauma

Jennifer Garvey Berger

Jennifer Garvey Berger

CEO of Cultivating Leadership
Author of Changing on the Job
Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson

Author of Buddha’s Brain

Beena Sharma

Beena Sharma

International Leadership Consultant
President Vertical Development Academy
Vernice Gibson Jones

Vernice Gibson Jones

Transformational Coach
Founder of The Leadership Compass
Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer

International Leadership Coach
Co-Author of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership
Wendy Palmer

Wendy Palmer

Leadership Embodiment Expert
Author of The Intuitive Body
Oren Harris

Oren Harris

Transformational Coach
Flow Mastery and Peak Performance
Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins

Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School
Author of Creating a Coaching Culture
Steve March

Steve March

Integral Leadership Coach
Founder at Aletheia
Staci Haines

Staci Haines

Somatic Coach and Teacher
Director Methodology, Strozzi Institute

Go beyond the classroom, inside the transformational encounter itself

What coaches are saying about our programs

The course has fundamentally changed the way I think about myself, my clients and other people in my life! I feel as if I’ve been given yet another key to understanding the human condition. What a great gift!

Jeanne LebensThe Art of Developmental Coaching

This program reached right into the heart of the mystery of being a coach. It was profound and by far the most valuable learning experience I have had as a coach.

Elise Roaf Become a Transformative Presence

This is the best course I have ever taken.

Andrew CouchThe Art of Developmental Coaching

It has been transformational, personally and professionally. It has taken my coaching and business to a deeper, more profound level.

Kira SchochPower of Embodied Transformation

A game changer for understanding how we humans behave. Essential for coaching mastery.

Laura ScioreNeuroscience of Change

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a self-study program mean?
This is a program that you can follow at your own pace. Each week on a Friday, you’ll receive a new module which you can watch whenever you like. Since there are no live sessions, we’ve created a forum where you can connect with others and ask questions.
How much coaching experience do I need?
There is no requirement! In fact, this program works no matter whether you’ve been coaching for 30 years or 30 days. Watching master coaches work with real clients is powerful for all coaches.
How long will I be able to access the downloads of the training?
Indefinitely! As long as we’re still going, you should have access to this. So you can take as long as you want to go through the program, or come back time and again.
Does the course carry CCEUs?
No, it does not. Since it is a self-study program without any live sessions, it cannot carry CCEUs.
Money is tight. Do you have scholarships?
No, we do not for this course unfortunately. We’ve intentionally priced this course at a reasonable level, as well as offering 3-month payment plans to make it more accessible.
What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this course for any reason, simply contact us at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll be happy to issue you a full refund.

Additional Questions? Email Us.
If you have any questions about the training, you can contact us here.