1 December – 26 April 2022


The Power

of Presence

Develop Inner Mastery for Extraordinary Coaching

Connect to the heart of transformational coaching

There is a dimension of coaching that opens us to profound transformation.

Something often misunderstood, and rarely taught.

Maybe you’ve felt it during powerful coaching moments—where you drop into a deep connection with the moment. And while it may seem mysterious or like it’s arrived by grace, it’s actually something that can be learned.

The best coaches operate from a different inner place. The quality of their attention and their listening is so refined that we can feel it.

And change happens in the space around them.

So, how do masterful coaches enter this mysterious dimension of coaching and appear to create change by their very presence?

What are they doing inside that has such power to catalyze transformation?

We brought these questions to the most powerful coaches we know, and here’s what we learned…

Our nervous systems are actually designed to attune to one another. And to a greater field of awareness that we all share.

When we shift into this place of presence, everything changes.

Both you and your client become connected to your deeper knowing and greatest creativity.

You unlock the power in the tools and techniques you already know, weaving them together spontaneously. You find yourself saying things that surprise you, or shift your client’s experience in a single moment.

The space opens up. Things fall into place. And the path forward reveals itself.

This is the power of presence, and it’s far beyond what the word implies.

It’s not just being present. Or attentive. Or focused. It’s something that arises from an inner process. A deliberate way of listening. A conscious connection with our nervous system’s ability to attune.

While it’s not a “tool” or “technique”, it is something you can learn to access. There are pathways that can reliably take you there. And it’s that access that this program is designed to give you.

This training will enable you to…

  • Unlock the core of your client’s problems in a way that your rational mind could never have achieved
  • Create inner coherence so that your native creativity and intuition can come through you
  • Reliably enter into a state where the deepest transformational potentials of the conversation are opened up

This shift is available to you in every moment. In fact, you’re designed to access the power of presence.

This training will show you how.

And when you learn to coach from this space, it opens up unparalleled transformational potential.

The Power of Presence 2023

19 Live Video Workshops

Learn live with our world-class faculty during 90-minute workshops, with breakouts and Q+A.

Earn 29.5 CCEUs

This training is accredited for 29.5 CCEU’s by the ICF (24 of which are for Core Competencies).

4 Live Actualization Sessions

Integrate and embody the principles of the program in deep practice space.

4 Bonus Recordings

Go even deeper with 6 workshop recordings from previous programs.

Workbooks and Transcripts

Receive 19 full transcripts, and 2 workbooks to help you integrate and apply your learning.

Fully Downloadable

All 23 live sessions are recorded and can be watched via replay or downloaded afterwards.

Meet the faculty for this training.

We’ve gathered a teaching faculty for this training that is genuinely world-class. These teachers and coaches are some of the world’s foremost in transformative presence, and will bring a wide range of approaches to this powerful methodology.

How the Power of Presence Training Works

The Power of Presence is a 21-week online coach training, taught by world-renowned coaches and teachers who have decades of experience in guiding people through this territory. More importantly, they also live and breathe it.

Each session is live, so you’ll have the opportunity to interact in real time with the esteemed faculty. Of course, everything is recorded and downloadable, so you can watch on your own schedule, and come back to the teaching again and again for deeper learning.

Here’s how it works…

  • The 21 core workshops are weekly, for 90 minutes on Zoom. They are interactive sessions that include a teaching lecture, practice, coaching demos and Q+A.
  • You’ll receive workbooks and transcripts for each session, allowing you to revisit the material and deepen your understanding

Through 4 Live Actualization sessions, you’ll be guided in a unique and potent practice space where you’ll integrate and embody the powerful practices you’ve been learning

A live and interactive experience

All of the sessions will take place live via video workshop, where there will be the opportunity to discuss your learnings via breakout discussions, participate in powerful coaching demonstrations, and ask questions.

Just like coaching from presence opens up unparalleled transformational potential for your clients, it’s the same for us as coaches. The deepest learning of this practice comes when you make the shift from understanding presence to truly embodying it. And this is exactly how we’ve designed The Power of Presence. 

Through a mixture of live teaching, coaching demonstrations, and facilitated practice, you’ll come away with a deep knowing of how to bring this powerful practice into your coaching sessions right away.

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The Program Schedule

The Power of Presence is a fully live and online coach training. You can join from anywhere in the world. You will find the full course schedule below.

Use the buttons to expand the modules and see the entire workshop schedule and details.

    • Module 1

      Foundations of Transformative Presence

      with Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman

      In the first module Jim and Diana will introduce you to the big picture of Transformative Presence. You will be taught a powerful organizing framework - The 4 States of Consciousness and Coaching, helping you understand the major forms of transformation. You will then learn key distinctions and practices that help you manage your internal state and maintain deep presence and attunement.

      Click to see Workshops

        What You Will Learn in Module 1

      • Workshop 1

        Four States of Consciousness and Coaching

        with Jim Dethmer

        Dec 1st |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Learn a powerful “states of consciousness” model that shows the pathway from egoic to transformative coaching, enabling you to fully express your transformational potential.
        • Discover the key shifts that move you from one state of coaching to the next, opening the pathway to deep forms of transformational work.
        • Learn one key question that people at the highest state of coaching ask constantly, giving you specific access to this potent approach.
      • Workshop 2

        Having and Being Enough

        with Jim Dethmer

        Dec 7th |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Learn to accept feelings of want, need, and lack, giving you freedom from feelings of constant desire and striving.
        • Identify the “five key wants” so that you can help your clients move out of their own unconscious suffering.
        • Learn to bring your attention to what is actually here now, enabling you to transcend the need to escape feelings of lack.
      • Workshop 3

        Identifying Willing- and Unwillingness in Your Clients

        with Diana Chapman

        Dec 13th |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Learn how to be more comfortable challenging your clients
        • Discover how to identify willingness or unwillingness in your client using practices and questions
        • Explore how to work with your client if they are unwilling to face their challenges
      • Workshop 4

        Three Way Listening and Surrender

        with Jim Dethmer

        Dec 21th |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Discover why the ability to deeply listen to your client, yourself and to presence, is what allows you to attune to the deepest potential in coaching.
        • Develop your capacity to listen to each of these aspects of the coaching relationship, enabling you to tap into a larger field of information and wisdom.
        • Play with how you surrender to what wants to come into the world through you, giving you access to deep intuitive wisdom.
    • Module 2

      Embodying Unconditional Presence

      with Nicholas Janni, Thomas Hübl, and Michelle McMurry-Heath

      In module 2, Nicholas and Thomas will teach you how to cultivate deeply embodied presence and radical attunement as a coach. This allows you to shift from the conceptual to the energetic world and realize inner coherence with your clients. You will learn how to expand your awareness and subtle perception, so you can hold unconditional space for all levels of your clients—unintegrated wounds, emotions, stories and higher dimensions of consciousness just waiting to unfold.


        What You Will Learn in Module 2

      • Workshop 5

        The Practice of Embodiment

        with Nicholas Janni

        Jan 4th, 2022|
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Refine your attentional faculties by locating yourself as spacious awareness, giving you access to deep transformative presence
        • Learn the skill of simultaneous inner and outer attention, enabling you to be present to both yourself and your client.
        • Explore using your body as the gateway to sensing subtle movements of energy, so you can move beyond story and narrative into the potent realm of direct experience.
      • Workshop 6

        Deepening your Unconditional Presence

        with Nicholas Janni

        Jan 11th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Learn a core map of your emotional structure and blind spots, revealing the things which naturally limit your presence with clients.
        • Explore the principle of re-uniting word with energy, enabling you to create coherence in your body and mind.
        • Learn how to move beyond concepts of ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emotion, also you can discover what is usually excluded from conversation.
      • Workshop 7

        Leadership Presence and the Leader as Healer Paradigm

        with Nicholas Janni and Michelle McMurry-Heath

        Jan 14th |
        6:30-7:30 AM US Pacific
        3:30-4:30 PM Central European
        • Explore why Presence is at the very core of great leadership.
        • Understand the Leader as Healer paradigm and what that looks like in practice for both coaches and leaders.
        • Learn why this work is essential in stewarding our organizations and world towards a brighter future.
      • Workshop 8

        The Vertical and the Horizontal

        with Nicholas Janni

        Jan 18th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        6:00-7:30 PM Central European
        • Deepen your inner spaciousness, and enter into the profound power of the relational space, infusing your coaching with a depth of presence.
        • Learn how to surrender to absolute trust in the process, while consciously making key and appropriate interventions.
        • Learn how to discern the different frequencies of personal, intergenerational and collective emotion with your clients.
      • Workshop 9

        Embodying the Principle of Integration and Restoration

        with Nicholas Janni

        Jan 25th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Explore the effect of your embodied presence on your client’s nervous system, helping you create relaxed and open space for change.
        • Discover how your embodiment generates the possibility of radical inclusion, of turning towards that which is normally unseen and unfelt.
        • Learn how to open to higher dimensions of soul and potential, infusing your coaching with profound depth.
      • Workshops 10 & 11

        Coaching as Transformative Presence

        with Thomas Hübl

        Feb 1st, 2022 & TBC |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Learn how to work from a state of deeply transformative presence, giving you access to new coaching depths.
        • Discover how to use resonance to invite clients into seeing new solutions and possibilities.
        • Experience live coaching sessions and group processes, embedding this powerful approach in your own consciousness.
    • Module 3

      Surrendering to Transformative Presence

      with John Prendergast

      In Module 3, John will show you how to step into the deepest form of coaching—courageously surrendering to presence itself as it comes through you and your client. You will learn how to trust the mysterious emergence of presence itself, and meet your clients with non-judgement, opening a space of profound insight, possibility and fulfilment.

      Click to see workshops

        What You Will Learn in Module 3

      • Workshop 12

        The Felt-Sense of Presence and the Courage to Be No One

        with John Prendergast

        Feb 21st, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Acknowledge the courage that it takes to face, see through, and let go of your world view, and abide in the unknown, bolstering your ability to help clients through transformative processes.
        • Glimpse an underlying awake awareness that is prior to all of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, relieving you of the need to rationally steer transformative conversations.
        • Recognize and experience several common subtle somatic markers of the felt-sense of presence, giving you more reliable access to transformative space.
      • Workshop 13

        Shared Presence & Heart Wisdom

        with John Prendergast

        Feb 28th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:00 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:00 PM Central European
        • Learn how to evoke deep insight and creativity in others through the innocent sharing of your own presence.
        • Distinguish the experience of heart wisdom from more conventional mind-centered guidance, giving you access to more direct ways of knowing.
        • Understand the profound potential for insight, healing, and creativity that arises out of the shared, intimate, and transformational space of presence.
      • Workshop 14

        Nondual Presence and Being Intimate with Experience

        with John Prendergast

        Mar 7th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Deepen into your experiential understanding of your essential, nondual nature, allowing you to be intimate with any moment just as it is.
        • Practice simply being open without an agenda to change or fix anything or anyone, especially yourself.
        • Begin to recognize the spontaneous emergence of living truth in coaching conversations, allowing you to align with what is most important and authentic.
      • Workshop 15

        Embodying Presence: Waking Up, Down, and Out

        with John Prendergast

        Mar 14th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Continue to deepen your experiential understanding of your essential nondual nature, creating change from the inside out.
        • Discover how to quieten your thinking, giving your heart the space to feel love, compassion and gratitude.
        • Learn to feel how life wants to move through you and as you, both in your life, and in your coaching.
    • Module 4

      Unique Perspectives on Transformative Presence

      with David Whyte, Joan Tollifson, Steven D'Souza, Ishita Sharma and Joel Monk

      In the final module, you will learn powerful methods complimentary to the core trajectory of modules one, two and three, bringing fresh perspectives and enriching your understanding of this powerful practice of transformative presence.

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        What You Will Learn in Module 4

      • Workshop 16

        Foundations of Conversational Leadership for Coaches, Part 1

        with David Whyte

        Mar 22nd, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Explore the 7 elements of conversational leadership, allowing you to deepen your presence, creative thinking and effectiveness.
        • Learn to let go of your habituated ways of seeing yourself and the world enabling you to slow down and become more present, creative and innovative.
        • Explore a radically fresh and powerful way of leading one's life that enables you to thrive in the unknown and engage in meaningful and imaginative conversation with it.
      • Workshop 17

        Foundations of Conversational Leadership for Coaches, Part 2

        with David Whyte

        Mar 29th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Learn the final four steps of the conversational leadership framework, giving you a robust map for coaching conversations.
        • Cultivate a way of being that seeks the wisdom of silence and is comfortable with the unknown.
        • Learn what it means to be an invitational presence; to make a real invitation to others.
      • Workshop 18

        The Beauty of Everything Falling Apart: Death, Loss and Aging as Portals to Presence

        with Joan Tollifson

        Apr 5th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Why everything belongs—even the things we don’t like.
        • How the natural processes of death, aging, failure and loss are powerful portals to presence and immediacy.
        • How a dissolving of our old identities and attachments invites us into a radical letting go, that returns us to a state of vibrant aliveness and the fullness of the here and now.
      • Workshop 19

        How to activate and navigate emergence in a coaching conversation

        with Joel Monk

        Apr 7th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Explore the paradigm shift that is occurring that makes an emergent way of coaching and leading essential and potent in our times.
        • Learn how to help your clients shift from personality to presence, a shift beyond our problem solving mind, into a space where we access our innate wisdom and creativity.
        • Develop a map of the different layers of experience that can arise whilst coaching - allowing you to orient to where you are moment to moment.
      • Workshop 20

        Developing Presence by Embracing Not Knowing, Not Doing & Not Being

        with Steven D'Souza

        Apr 12th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Learn four powerful strategies for creating opportunity in the unknown and coaching from the fertile space of 'Not Knowing'.
        • Move from 'effort-ing', 'pushing and pulling' to take on a more systemic and sustainable approach to taking action and making an enduring impact.
        • Work at the level of identity to help you and your clients develop a more fluid and connected sense of self.
      • Workshop 21

        Embodying Surrender: Integrating Our Humanity and Our Divinity to Show Up in Service

        with Ishita Sharma

        April 15th, 2022 |
        10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
        7:00-8:30 PM Central European
        • Ground yourself into presence and refine relational capacity using your own body.
        • Lead from the field of unity consciousness, in connection with a deeper intelligence, so the emergent can truly be served
        • Show up fully in service, without an agenda in deep honoring and trust of yourself, your client and the wisdom of the unfolding now.
      • Bonus Recordings

        And you’ll receive these workshops

        We’re including 4 full workshop recordings from previous programs featuring Richard Strozzi Heckler, Dan Siegel, and Scilla Elworthy.

        • Recording 1

          Riding the Dragon: Integrating the Deep Feminine and Masculine Aspects of Presence

          with Scilla Elworthy & Nicholas Janni

          • Explore the deep feminine and masculine aspects of presence, enriching your transformative presence with both wholeness and diversity.
          • Learn how to recognize and skillfully cultivate and balance these aspects in yourself, enabling you to thrive in both every-day and global challenges.
          • Practice how to skillfully “ride the dragon”—our life and reality—from a core of deep presence and awareness.
        • Recording 2

          Presence and Well-being

          with Dan Siegel

          • Learn how the science of the mind has revealed powerful insights into the role of mental presence, enhancing relationships, focus and well-being.
          • Explore the science of being openly aware, allowing you to offer a depth of presence to your clients.
          • Explore the three pillars of mind training, increasing the depth of your presence and the level of your in-the-moment attunement.
        • Recording 3

          Embodying the Mystery

          with Richard Strozzi-Heckler

          • Learn embodied practices that gather and extend your attention, enabling you to be deeply connected and present with your clients
          • Explore how mastery in life and coaching involves allowing the mystery to move through us and inform us both personally and professionally
          • Learn how to cultivate your attention in such a way that you can be quiet enough to listen to a deeper wisdom
        • Recording 4

          Deepening Your Connection to Source

          with Richard Strozzi-Heckler

          • Work with the patterns that block your connection to source and cause you to lose presence.
          • Understand your own unique way of sourcing information, allowing you to trust and interpret what comes through you.
          • Witness a live coaching demo where Richard will demonstrate and explain the principles he’s taught.

      What our graduates say about the program

      This training touches into some of the most profound areas of human existence and transformation.

      Jane Birch

      This is the best course ever. It speaks right to the foundation of transformational coaching. It has confirmed my intention to make presence the main aspect of my coaching practice. 

      Günter Cepek
      The Power of Presence will open your mind to a new level of consciousness. You will emerge a more evolved human!

      Donna Musilli

      This program reached right into the heart of the mystery of being a coach. It was profound and by far the most valuable learning experience I have had as a coach.

      Elise Roaf

      This course is a journey into the deep wisdom of your body and soul. It has had a massive impact on my well-being, grounding and confidence.

      Sumit Gupta

      This program added extreme depth to my coaching practice and my clients feel liberated by the change they experience in me as coach.

      Michael Kriess

      This was a game-changing experience for me. My client work has been transformed, and my confidence grows each time I implement one of the tools I’ve learned.

      Megan Baker
      This has been the most rewarding training I’ve had as a coach. It has taken me and my work to a totally new level.

      Terri Anderson

      This course has given me the tools to reach a deeper sense of unfiltered truth, resulting in exponential growth of awareness for me and my clients.

      Rodney Allen

      This is one of the most personally rewarding courses I have ever done… and I have done many courses. What I have learnt here will impact everything I do, all the people I work with, and everyone I know. Thank you for bringing this to the world.

      Susan Ni Chriodain

      This course has been transformative. So much has shifted within me that has impacted my presence both personally and professionally. It is powerful and empowering. You will grow in ways you didn’t even know possible!

      Heidi Hochstetler

      Absolutely amazing… truly transformative.

      Susan Alexander
      If you want to deepen your capacity for presence, integrate the wisdom of your body and heart into right relationship with your mind, and learn to connect with clients in deep, transformative ways, this is the course for you.

      Paula Butterfield

      This is the Heart of what coaching and being with others is all about. It is beyond “techniques” or “moves” — it is about meeting Life to Life — about the core of how we come together with others for creating the change we want to be.

      Barbara Holliday

      My coaching has been invigorated with new approaches. But more than that I’ve discovered a deeper, more authentic presence that supports not only my coaching but just about everything I do.

      Mairi McTaggart

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long will I be able to access the downloads of the training?
      You’ll have guaranteed access for twelve months following the completion of the program. To retain them longer than this we advise that you download them onto your own computer.
      Are the workshops live or pre-recorded?

      All our workshops and bonus workshops are live via Zoom video conference.

      What experience level do I need to take your course?

      While there is no specific amount of experience required, our trainings are focused on more advanced coaching skills for existing coaches. However, they are delivered in a way that you should understand even if you are a relative beginner. However, if you are brand new to coaching and personal development, you may well be better served attending an introductory coaching program.

      Can I receive CCEUs, with a certificate?
      Yes, if you meet the 1/3 live attendance requirement to earn CCEUs you can receive a certificate of completion.
      Can I receive CCEU’s even if I can’t attend the workshops live?
      Yes, you can gain CCEUs by viewing the recordings and filling out a simple online form. A maximum of 2/3 of your CCEUs can come from the Missed Workshop Forms, as the ICF requires a minimum of 1/3 live attendance out of the total of CCEUs you are applying for on this program.
      What is your refund policy?
      We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this program for any reason, simply contact us at [email protected] within 30 days of your initial purchase and we’ll be happy to issue you a full refund.
      Is there a group discount available?

      Yes, there is a discount for groups of 5 or more. Email us using the link below for more information.

      Do you offer scholarships?

      Yes, there are a limited number of scholarships available. You’re welcome to submit your application here. The deadline is Sat Nov 27, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. US Pacific time.

      Additional Questions? Email Us.
      If you have any questions about the training, you can contact us here.

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