The Power of Embodied Transformation

Create lasting change with your coaching clients.

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Learn to Access the Power of Embodied Change

Most approaches to change don’t stick.

They may offer powerful insights. Give us exciting ideas. Or change our perspective on things.

But they’re fundamentally incomplete. And the change they bring simply cannot last.

We’ve been seduced by insights, connecting cognitive dots, and the search for rational understanding.

But this isn’t enough.

We cannot think our way towards transformation. 

So much of who we’ve become — our habits, tendencies, blind spots, patterns of reactivity, areas of numbness (generally, the places where we’re stuck) live in the very tissues of our bodies.

And the body does not yield to insights alone.

To create true transformation, we must descend beneath the mind, however brilliant it might be, so we can access a wisdom beyond thought.

It’s here — in the wholeness of an embodied approach — where we find the intelligence of change. 

A change that sustains.

Embodied coaching is a process that allows you to connect with the entirety of your client — their thoughts, feelings, actions, spirit, and body. And in so doing, gives you access to an unparalleled depth of transformation.

During this training, you’ll learn directly from the founder of somatic coaching — Richard Strozzi-Heckler — alongside contemporary coaches who have integrated this powerful approach with new discoveries in neuroscience, trauma-work, and leadership development.

When you learn to coach somatically you’ll be able to…

  • Use the body as a gateway into your client’s world, helping you take your coaching conversations to a new level of depth
  • Recognize conditioned patterns in your clients as they arise, so that you can help them break stubborn and unhelpful habits
  • Design embodied practices for your clients, allowing them to embed the changes they make sustainably

This is what your client truly wants.

Not a better understanding of why they’re stuck, but a way forward. One based on wholeness and authenticity—so deeply felt and integrated that it lasts.

This is the Power of Embodied Transformation.

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The Power of Embodied Transformation 2024

18 Live Video Workshops

Learn live with our world-class faculty during 90-minute workshops, with breakouts and Q+A.

Earn 29 CCEUs

Accredited for 29 CCEUs by the ICF (26 of which are for Core Competencies).

4 Live Actualization Sessions

Integrate and embody the principles of the program in deep practice space.

Experiential Practice Groups

Practice all the tools and methods you’re learning in carefully curated practice triads.

Workbooks & Transcripts

Receive 18 full transcripts, and 2 workbooks to help you integrate and apply your learning.

Fully Downloadable

All 22 live sessions are recorded and can be watched via replay or downloaded afterwards.

Meet the faculty for this training.

This program brings together the world’s leading somatic coaches and teachers, as well as the leading voices in trauma, stress and resilience. These remarkable practitioners are both experts in embodied change, and possess a palpable ability to transmit the heart of this work to you.

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  • Module 1
    Richard Strozzi-Heckler

    The Arc of Transformation

    with Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Staci Haines, Erika Lyla, and Joel Monk

    In the first part of the program, Richard, Staci, Erika, and Joel will introduce you to the journey of embodied transformation and show you how to expand your client’s awareness, deepen their embodied presence, uncover powerful commitments, and work skillfully with their habitual tendencies.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 1

    • Workshop 1
      Richard Strozzi-Heckler

      The Art of Somatic Coaching

      with Richard Strozzi-Heckler

      Jun 5 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn the arc of somatic transformation—the fundamental backbone of the practice of somatic coaching. 
      • Participate in initial practices that reveal the embodied shape of your client, allowing you to skilfully lead them toward their goals and vision. 
      • Develop foundational skills in presence so you can engender trust and credibility with your clients.
    • Workshop 2

      Body and Commitment

      with Staci Haines

      Jun 12 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore the power and importance of the question: What are we really committed to?
      • Learn about the journey of transformation itself, and what it means to set out on the path towards change.
      • Discover how to invite and mobilize new behaviors in our clients that line up with where they most want to go
    • Workshop 3

      Conditioned Tendencies

      with Erika Lyla

      Jun 19 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      6-7:30 PM Central European
      • Learn what a conditioned tendency is, how it functions in your life, and ways to help clients identify them and work with them skillfully.
      • Understand how conditioned tendencies express through the body, so you can better understand your client's stuckness and support them in generating alternative responses.
      • Identify some of your own conditioned tendencies, so you can understand their benefits and liabilities in your work as a coach.
    • Workshop 4

      Somatic Opening

      with Staci Haines

      Jun 26 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Discover the process of somatic openings and the stages of disorganization, giving you a powerful map with which to guide your coaching clients.
      • Learn to use the Arc of Transformation as both an assessment and somatic visioning tool and for your own personal development, increasing your own effectiveness as a coach.
      • Develop your capacity to feel the language and intelligence of the senses within your own body, giving you reliable access your own wisdom, competence, and intuition.
    • Workshop 5


      with Erika Lyla

      Jul 3 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn about the stage of Connection in the Arc of Transformation, allowing you to facilitate your client's development with confidence and skill
      • Discover practices to build the competences of connection, equipping you to increase trust and authenticity with your clients.
      • Explore conflict as a generative force that deepens connection, and brings a nourishing dignity and aliveness.
    • Workshop 6
      Richard Strozzi-Heckler

      Live Demonstration and Q&A

      with Richard Strozzi-Heckler and Joel Monk

      Jul 9 |
      10:00-12:00pm US Pacific
      7-9:00 PM Central European
      • Witness Richard Strozzi-Heckler coaching someone live using the tools you’ve learned, so you can see how this powerful method can transform a real issue in real time
      • Listen as Richard and Joel unpack the session, where Richard will share what he did and why
      • Ask any questions you have about the live session
  • Module 2

    Embodying New Ways of Being

    with Amanda Blake

    In the second module, Amanda Blake will show you how to guide your clients to embody a new way of being through carefully crafted practices. You’ll learn the underlying role of neuroplasticity in creating lasting change, and how to design practices that are meaningful, experiential, and impactful, so your clients can embody and embed their best self.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 2

    • Workshop 7

      Developing Embodied Practices

      with Amanda Blake

      Jul 31 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Discover how embodied practice builds a sturdy bridge from old habitual behavior to new desired behavior. 
      • Learn what to listen for in your client’s experience that will clue you in to the perfect-fit customized practice for them. 
      • Explore the underlying role of neuroplasticity in creating lasting change, so you can ensure your practices will get results.
    • Workshop 8

      Embodying Your Best Self

      with Amanda Blake

      Aug 7 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Help your clients clarify who they most want or need to *become* in order to achieve their goals, and design practices around that.
      • Learn how to combine both conceptual and embodied self-awareness for a highly customized and highly leveraged practice
      • Explore how to set up "learning loops" so that embodied practice has maximal benefit
    • Workshop 9

      Making Embodied Practices Stick

      with Amanda Blake

      Aug 14 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore how to design practices that are meaningful, experiential, and impactful, ensuring you can be maximally effective in helping your client grow.
      • Discover the difference between “embedded” and “extra” practices — and how to embed practices in your client's life for far more powerful results.
      • Learn how to structure embodied practice so that it becomes an easy, ongoing, and impactful habit.
  • Module 3

    Embodiment in Wider Contexts & Leadership

    with Staci Haines and Arawana Hayashi

    In the third module, Staci and Arawana will show you how to work skillfully with the broader social contexts that shape your clients’ conditioning. You’ll learn why individual and collective transformation are interdependent, how historical and collective patterns become embodied, and how to navigate all of this in your coaching and leadership.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 3

    • Workshop 10

      Sites of Shaping: From the Individual to the Collective

      with Staci Haines

      Sept 4 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn a model for understanding how we are shaped by, and embody, both our personal and collective experiences.
      • Discover processes by which to recognize and work with the collective shaping (from families, communities, society, the economy, and more) that affect your clients as well as your own leadership 
      • Embody the ability to shift from “I”, to “you”, to “we’, and back again, inviting your clients to make even more impactful changes for themselves, their leadership, their organizations, and in the world.
    • Workshop 11

      Mutual Dignity, Complexity and Contradictions

      with Staci Haines

      Sept 11 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Understand and work with contradictions and complexity from a somatic vantage point, so you can mature your leadership and increase the range of people with whom you can develop trust. 
      • Explore the underlying needs involved in polarization, and learn to skillfully work with increasing options, connection, and choices.
      • Discover embodied capacities for mutual connection and dignity, and how this can nourish personal and collective resilience.
    • Workshop 12

      Boundlessness and Boundedness: the Pulse of Being Human

      with Staci Haines

      Sept 18 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Discover the embodied states of boundedness and boundlessness and what each serves.
      • Learn to allow and invite, and guide others to welcome, the change between contraction and expansion, giving each its due.
      • Grow your capacity as a coach and leader to somatically ally with a wide range of people along this expansion and contraction.
    • Workshop 13

      The Art of Making a True Move: Gestures from Space

      with Arawana Hayashi

      Sept 25 |
      10:00-12:00pm US Pacific
      7-9:00 PM Central European
      • Learn practices for yourself and your clients that invite groundedness in a synchronized body and mind.
      • Explore how awareness of our social body and “social field” naturally arise when we drop into this state of deep embodied presence
      • Discover how these practices bring fresh perceptions, genuine communication, and confident engagement with our world in coaching and leadership.
  • Module 4

    Cultivating Resilience in the Face of Stress and Trauma

    with David Treleaven, Deb Dana, and Anjuli Sherin

    In the final module, you’ll learn powerful methods and practices to work with obstacles to embodied transformation from some of the world’s leading voices in resilience-based and trauma-sensitive coaching. David, Deb, and Anjuli will show how you can help your clients feel safe, regulate their nervous systems, and cultivate embodied resilience in the face of stress and trauma.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 4

    • Workshop 14

      Bridging Embodiment, Trauma, and the Art of Coaching

      with David Treleaven

      Oct 16 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn core principles of trauma-informed coaching that can inform your work and practice.
      • Understand how to recognize signs and symptoms of trauma, enabling you to skillfully support your clients through difficult moments.
      • Discover embodied practices that help your clients feel safe during coaching sessions.
    • Workshop 15

      Keeping Clients Safe: Potential Pitfalls of Body-Based Attention in Coaching

      with David Treleaven

      Oct 23 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Discover how embodied awareness can be a double-edged sword for clients, and how you can work with this specifically.
      • Learn the ‘Window of Tolerance’ model, enabling you to understand how body-based practice can exceed a client’s capacity.
      • Explore best practices for trauma-informed coaching, equipping you with tools to support your clients in deep work.
    • Workshop 16

      Befriending the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Approach to Resilience and Healing

      with Deb Dana

      Oct 30 |
      10:00-12:00pm US Pacific
      8-10:00 PM Central European
      • Explore a powerful new view of social and emotional health through an understanding of the human nervous system. 
      • Discover how to map the state of your nervous system (and that of your clients) so that you can increase awareness and create more choice. 
      • Learn key tools and exercises for autonomic regulation to support safety and connection.
    • Workshop 17

      Stories of Safety and Connection: Helping Clients Anchor in Regulation

      with Deb Dana

      Nov 6 |
      10:00-12:00pm US Pacific
      7-9:00 PM Central European
      • Understand the distinct stories that emerge when your nervous system is in different states.
      • Explore ways to anchor yourself in a regulated state so that you can create a space of safety and connection with your clients. 
      • Learn to use micro-moments of regulation to reshape response patterns.
    • Workshop 18

      Joyous Resilience: Cultivating Aliveness to Thrive in Stressful Times

      with Anjuli Sherin

      Nov 13 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Understand how suffering and resilience are inextricably tied to our relationship with our inner dialogue and emotion.s 
      • Explore four key inner forces—self-nurturance, protection, creativity, and soulfulness—and how we cultivate these generative resource states in our daily life.
      • Learn ways to reconnect to our own wholeness, aliveness and joy—attuning to our needs and crafting resilience practices
  • Actualization Sessions
    Ellen Waenink headshot

    Embodiment through Deep Practice

    with Ellen Waenink

    During each module, Ellen will lead you into a powerful practice space to help you deepen and grow as a coach. These Actualization Sessions take full advantage of Zoom breakouts where you’ll practice coaching and being coached, enabling you to integrate and embody what you’ve been learning.

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      Ellen Waenink headshot

      Actualization Session 1

      with Ellen Waenink

      Jul 24 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      Ellen Waenink headshot

      Actualization Session 2

      with Ellen Waenink

      Aug 28 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      Ellen Waenink headshot

      Actualization Session 3

      with Ellen Waenink

      Oct 9 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      Ellen Waenink headshot

      Actualization Session 4

      with Ellen Waenink

      Nov 20 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European

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What our graduates say about the program

Life-altering. This course has given me the knowledge and techniques to help my clients process, understand and heal at deeper levels.

Mel Dodge

This course is profound. A real game changer. It has opened my eyes to a much broader skill set to conventional coaching. There is really no turning back!

Saoussan Ghandour
This program opened a whole new world to me. As a traditional executive coach, it helped me see a whole new world of potential with my coaching in ways I had not seen before.

Tom Adams

Truly enlightening and a must for understanding the foundation for transformational change

Sisi Provost

I found this course incredibly engaging.I knew there was something about somatics that was important in coaching. This has demonstrated that this is so much more than “something”. It is core to coaching… and to life. And yes you can experience working with the body on Zoom!! Incredible but true.

Laurence Monnery
An incredible journey that has awakened in me a genuine spirit of how I can serve myself so that I can be fully in service (and available) to others.

Paul Larsen

This course has been life changing. My coaching has been directly impacted as a result. I bring all of what I learned to my day to day coaching. My comfort level to purposefully work with my client’s somatic experience has increased significantly as a result.

Jennifer MacLeod

This course is deeply engaging and truly transformational! If you haven’t attended a Coaches Rising course before, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing.

Sylvia Sage

This course has been an incredible value — both for my work with clients and my own embodiment and presence. I’ve also left with a trove of potential ideas and tools to further explore, develop and integrate. I absolutely recommend it!

Sally Anne Carrol

It has been transformational, personally and professionally. It has taken my coaching and business to a deeper, more profound level.

Kira Schoch
This has been a deeply transformative experience! I feel inspired and recharged. My coaching practice feels fresher, deeper and alive again!

Maria Connolly

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