Live online coach training
May 23–August 23, 2018

The Power of Embodied Transformation


Learn to wield the power of embodied change.

Most approaches to change don’t stick.

They seem powerful. They create insights that open things up. They give us exciting new ideas. They change our perspectives on things. They promise much.

And then sooner or later, the impact fades and we find ourselves once again coming up against the same old problems, with the same old outcomes.

Change is hard to sustain.

Unless you know how to change more than someone’s mind.

Transformation — the deep change every coach seeks for their clients — can only happen in an embodied way.

Not just the mind. Or just the body. Or just achieving goals. Or just processing emotions. But working with the WHOLE person.

Embodied coaching is a process that allows you to connect with the entirety of your client — their thoughts, feelings, actions, spirit, and body — and in so doing, to create lasting change.

This powerful and innovative approach to coaching was originally developed by pioneer Richard Strozzi-Heckler during decades of practice and exploration.

You’ll learn directly from Richard, alongside new pioneers who are integrating this powerful approach with new discoveries in neuroscience, and developmental psychology.

This somatic approach to coaching will give you the tools to:

  • Help your clients feel whole and powerful, by connecting them to the whole spectrum of their human experience
  • Recognize conditioned patterns in your clients as they arise, so that you can help them break stubborn and unhelpful habits
  • Embed your client’s changes holistically and sustainably, giving them a whole new way of being

This is what your client truly wants.

Not superficial conversations or more information, but a coach who can truly access the transformational potential that is contained within them.

Come and learn how to do this in the Power of Embodied Transformation.

17 Live Video Workshops

Learn the key principles of somatic coaching during 90-minute workshops containing teaching, coaching demos, practices and live discussion.

Integration Workbooks and Transcripts

You’ll receive 4 workbooks to help you integrate and deepen the key principles, as well as transcripts of every session so you can easily review your learning.

25.5 CCEUs

All our programs meet the high standards of the ICF. Attending this training will grant you 25.5 CCEUs (22.5 for Core Competencies) even if you can’t attend live.

Bonus Materials

You’ll receive 3 full recordings of workshops from previous versions of the training, enabling you to take your learning even deeper into new areas.

Fully Downloadable

Everything can be downloaded—workshop videos, audio versions, transcripts, workbooks—so you can learn at your own pace.

Experiential Practices

Embody the principles of the training using specific practices between sessions – practice solo or with a partner.

Meet the faculty for this training.

For this year’s program we’ve brought together our biggest faculty to date, made up of the world’s leading somatic coaches and teachers.

These remarkable practitioners are not only experts in embodied change, but possess a palpable ability to transmit the heart of this work to you.

Learn to embody the power of somatic coaching.

The Power of Embodied Transformation is a 13-week online coach training.

It’s designed to equip you with the most advanced somatic coaching skills and tools to effect deep and sustainable change with your clients.

Inside the intimate learning container we’ll create for this course, our faculty will teach you how to…

  • Use the body as a gateway into your client’s world, helping you take your coaching conversations to a new level of depth.
  • Attune with your client in-the-moment, enabling you to identify transformational openings.
  • Design embodied practices for your clients, allowing them to embed the changes they make sustainably.

But the change is not simply about the clients you work with, it’s about you.

This work will bring you into a new and profound relationship with yourself – your own body and being. And as you learn to feel and navigate this wholeness, so you will be able to guide your clients through the same transformational territory.

The considerable body of work that this training is based upon integrates and weaves together deep ancient wisdom, with the latest findings in neuroscience and trauma research.

There’s no other online training that can teach you the practice of somatic coaching with such depth and rigor, led by the founders of the field.

We’ve created an integrated learning journey for you.

We’ve worked in close collaboration with the world’s leading embodied coaching school, the Strozzi Institute to create this training for you.

This is not a series of unconnected workshops. You will be guided through an integrated arc that builds on itself, teaching you layer by layer, the essential practice of embodied coaching.

It will be the fifth time we’ve run this program, but this new edition will be the most powerful program to date, featuring our most diverse faculty, and most in depth curriculum.

And for the first time, we’re also giving you the recordings of four full workshop recordings from previous versions of the course. You’ll receive Ann Betz’s session on the Neurological Doorways to Change, as well as Doug Silsbee’s three session module from 2016 on the Foundations of Presence Based Coaching.



May 23rd, May 29th, June 5th, & June 12th

with Richard Strozzi-Heckler & David Treleaven

In the first part of the program, Richard Strozzi-Heckler and David Treleaven will introduce you to the whole arc of somatic transformation, and show you how to expand your client’s somatic awareness, uncover powerful commitments, and work skillfully with their conditioned tendencies.



June 26th, July 2nd, July 5th, & July 13th

with Staci Haines & Richard Strozzi-Heckler

In the second part of the program, Staci Haines and Richard Strozzi-Heckler will support you in artfully navigating the potent terrain of somatic opening with your clients – where old habits and tendencies are losing their grip, but a new way of being is not yet fully formed.



July 18th, July 24th, July 31st, & August 7th

with Amanda Blake & Pete Hamill

In the third module, with Amanda Blake and Pete Hamill you will take you through the final phase of the somatic cycle, that of embodying a new way of being through carefully crafted practices. They will show you how to design specific practices that support your client’s development.

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What you will learn during the training.


The Art of Somatic Coaching

Richard Strozzi-Heckler
May 23rd
10:00am US Pacific

  • Learn the arc of somatic transformation – the fundamental backbone of the practice of somatic coaching.
  • Participate in initial practices that reveal the embodied shape of your client, allowing you to skillfully lead them toward their goals and vision.
  • Develop foundational skills in presence so you can engender trust and credibility with your clients.

Somatic Literacy: Facilitating Somatic Awareness

David Treleaven

David Treleaven
May 29th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Learn basic interventions that support somatic literacy, enabling you to teach your clients how to recognize their embodied experience.
  • Understand the difference between top-down versus bottom-up processing in coaching, giving you a deeper appreciation of how transformation occurs.
  • Explore case studies, contemporary neuroscience research and proven interventions, to broaden your understanding of somatic change.

Commitments: Setting our True North with Clients

David Treleaven

David Treleaven
June 5th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Learn how to help people design powerful commitments that enable them to achieve what most matters to them.
  • Discover how to create strong galvanizing commitments to ensure your coaching work stays on track.
  • Understand the key aspects of commitments, so you can help your clients work effectively outside sessions.

Conditioned Tendency: Understanding How Clients Get Stuck

David Treleaven

David Treleaven
June 12th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Learn what a conditioned tendency is, so you can identify how and why your clients get stuck or hit resistance.
  • Understand the relationship between different parts of the brain so you know how conditioned tendencies can be overcome.
  • Identify your own conditioned tendency, making you aware of your specific benefits and liabilities as a coach.

Shapes of Change

Staci Haines
June 26th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Discover the way you have been shaped in key areas of your life, giving you a larger context for your current way of being.
  • Learn to perceive common embodied shapes in your clients, so you can help them see the influences that they are unconscious of.
  • Learn how to help your clients identify unconscious somatic influences, so you can give them more choice and freedom.

Somatic Opening

Richard Strozzi-Heckler
July 2nd
10:00am US Pacific

  • Discover the process of somatic opening, giving you access to the stories and memories stored in your body, allowing you to consciously release them.
  • Learn how to use this opening to allow new practices to take root more deeply, making them more sustainable, and more reliable under pressure.
  • Develop your capacity to access and feel the language and intelligence of the senses, giving you access your own wisdom and intuition.

Unbounded Space

Richard Strozzi-Heckler
July 5th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Explore what it means to open to The Unbounded State, the space between a historic way of being and new way of being, so you can access new depths of yourself.
  • Discover why this in-between space can create existential dilemmas around meaning, identity, and purpose, causing us to feel helplessly adrift and directionless.
  • Learn how to use the intimacy, vulnerability and generosity of this space to deepen your coaching and bring deeper fulfillment.

Connection along the Arc of Transformation

Staci Haines
July 13th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Learn how to use somatic awareness in relationship with your clients, so you can increase connection, trust, and authenticity with your clients.
  • Acquire specific practices that build connection, so you can relate more deeply with your clients.
  • Discover how to use conflict as a generative force, rather than a problematic disconnection.

Developing Embodiment

Amanda Blake
July 18th
10:00 am US Pacific

  • Discover how embodied practice builds a sturdy bridge from old habitual behavior to new desired behavior.
  • Learn what to listen for in your client’s experience that will clue you in to the perfect-fit customized practice for them.
  • Explore the underlying role of neuroplasticity in creating lasting change, so you can ensure your practices will get results.

Designing & Deepening Practice

Amanda Blake
July 24th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Learn how to discover the physical aspects of any behavioral quality so that you can create relevant practices for your clients.
  • Explore how to design practices that are meaningful, experiential, and impactful, ensuring you can be maximally effective in helping your client grow.
  • Learn how to recognize subtle clues in your clients that will lead you to discover new and innovative embodied practices.

The Practice of New Deliberate Embodied Practices

Pete Hamill
July 31st
10:00am US Pacific

  • Understand how we are always practicing something, often very old habits that perpetuate our current way of being.
  • Explore the experience of being in new deliberate embodied practices that disrupt what’s comfortable and convenient.
  • Engage with the challenge of taking on new practices and the habitual response to go back to old practices.

The Levels of Practices

Pete Hamill
August 7th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Explore the different levels of our practices – individual, team and organizational, and how we help our clients at these three levels.
  • Understand how to identify a client’s somatic world, and the ways they are impacted by their own practices.
  • Learn how intervene and design practices which impact at these levels, depending on our contract with the client.

Presence-Based Coaching

Bebe Hansen
August 14th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Learn how to spot a client’s habitual reactions in their emotions, body, language and meaning-making.
  • Understand how to support and resource yourself and your clients by cultivating internal states of awareness and resilience.
  • Develop action learning strategies for that help your client engage with complexity.

Coaching from the Outside In

Wendy Palmer
August 16th
10:00am US Pacific

  • Understand the distinction between what personality and center, so as to see the ways we seek approval and security.
  • Learn how to center yourself in coaching so you can tap greater creativity, confidence and compassion.
  • Practice how to move fluidly between your personality and center so as to free yourself up to explore new possibilities.

Transforming with Mind-Body-as-One

Ginny Whitelaw

Ginny Whitelaw
August 21st
10:00am US Pacific

  • Learn a powerful framework for managing energy that builds resilience and agility and is readily shared with clients.
  • Gain concrete practices to shift energetic state in oneself or one’s client to move beyond constrictions and support transformation.
  • Learn exercises to cultivate centeredness and move beyond fear and a false sense of separation.

Language, Embodiment, and Meaning-Making

Carolyn Coughlin
August 22nd
10:00am US Pacific

  • Understand how the way we use language is a deeply somatic endeavor.
  • Discover how small shifts in our use of language can enable big shifts in the way we make sense of ourselves and the world, and in turn, in what is possible for us.
  • Learn why how seeing and working with the inherent connection between language, sensation, and emotions is a powerful and developmental coaching move.

Growing Resilience through the Cultivation of Inner Strengths

Rick Hanson
August 23rd
10:00am US Pacific

  • Explore the two necessary stages of lasting brain change, and why many therapists, coaches, and others forget the second one.
  • Learn how to increase the installation of beneficial experiences in the brain, so as to accelerate personal growth.
  • Understand our three basic needs and learn how to match vital mental resources to each one.

This has been a deeply transformative experience! I feel inspired and recharged. My coaching practice feels fresher, deeper and alive again!

Maria Connolly

It has been transformational, personally and professionally. It has taken my coaching and business to a deeper more profound level.

Kira Schoch

This course has been life changing. My coaching has been directly impacted as a result. I bring all of what I learned to my day to day coaching. My comfort level to purposefully work with my client’s somatic experience has increased significantly as a result.

Jennifer MacLeod

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It is our belief that every coach should at least understand the fundamentals of somatic coaching. This training will take you far beyond mere understanding, and far beyond fundamentals.

The tools and skills you learn will enable you to work with the whole of your client. For it is only when the whole embodied person is engaged with, that the deepest and most sustainable change occurs.

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