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Neuroscience fundamentally changes the way you coach

Coaching can bring about profound transformation. You know this.

There are those sessions when you see a client’s life change before your eyes. They break through the block that’s been limiting them for years, and you can see the glimmers of their true power. They tap into their own wisdom—wisdom you could see, but that was hidden from them.

But then there are those sessions where nothing seems to shift. No matter what you try—what angle you come from—it just doesn’t get into the core of the issue.

What’s the difference?

You may feel like you approached them with the same mindset, used the same basic principles, but something is fundamentally different. What is it?

Now, we are beginning to truly understand why.

Through decades of revolutionary research, neuroscience can tell us what happens in the brain and body when different coaching techniques are used.

These discoveries are transforming the practice of coaching. Neuroscience reveals why a number of our “tried and true” methods fail — and how we’re inadvertently sabotaging our own coaching work. It shows us how we can guide our clients away from stress and closed-mindedness, into positive learning states that allow genuine change to occur.

And it gives us the neurobiology of presence — both how to access this powerful state, and why it has such a profound effect on your coaching.

The Neuroscience of Change is an in-depth online training featuring the world’s top neuroscientific coaches and experts.

When we created the training in 2019, it was the first and only neuroscience course for coaches. It’s now in its 5th edition, and each year we work with pioneers in the field to continually bring you the most cutting-edge science so you can effect positive change in your clients and in the world.

This training will enable you to…

  • Discover why some traditional coaching techniques actually inhibit change, and what we can do instead.
  • Guide yourself into the neural state most conducive to deep intuition and clarity, so you can consistently create breakthrough sessions with your clients
  • Equip your coaching toolbox with techniques validated by neuroscientific research, so you can create positive change in each person you work with
  • Understand the neurobiology of wisdom, compassion, well-being, and presence, so you can reliably access these powerful states of being

This knowledge can transform your coaching practice. In fact, implementing the principles of neuroscience has the potential to be as transformative for you as it is for your clients.

You’ll no longer wonder whether each session will bring about true change. Rather, you’ll have the humble confidence that you’re doing exactly what you need to do in order to open your clients to their deepest wisdom.

Join us for The Neuroscience of Change.

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The Neuroscience of Change 2024

14 Live Video Workshops

Learn live with our world-class faculty during 90-minute workshops, with breakouts and Q+A.

Earn 21 CCEUs

Accredited for 21 CCEU’s by the ICF (18.5 for Core Competencies).

2 Live Actualization Sessions

Integrate and embody the principles of the program in deep practice space.

Experiential Practice Groups

Practice all the tools and methods you’re learning in carefully curated practice triads.

Workbooks and Transcripts

Receive 14 full transcripts, and 2 workbooks to help you integrate and apply your learning.

Fully Downloadable

All live sessions are recorded and can be watched via replay or downloaded afterwards.

Meet the faculty for this training.

We’ve gathered a teaching faculty for this training that is genuinely world-class. These coaches have decades of experience applying the deep knowledge of neuroscience with CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists and leaders.

The Program Schedule

The Neuroscience of Change is a fully live and online coach training. You can join from anywhere in the world. You will find the full course schedule below.

Use the buttons to expand the modules and see the entire workshop schedule and details.

  • Module 1

    The Fundamentals of Neuroscientific Coaching

    with Amanda Blake, Alan Fogel, and David Treleaven

    Module One explores how recent evidence in neurobiology points the coaching profession towards an increasingly whole-person approach, including body and mind. You’ll learn to deepen your own embodied self-awareness, while guiding your clients to do the same. We’ll explore the power of presence, the importance of the distributed brain, and how you can tune in to the myriad avenues of wisdom available to you in each moment.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 1

    • Workshop 1

      Neuroscience of Presence

      with Amanda Blake

      Feb 28 |
      10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
      7:00-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore how to listen to scientific information—less details, more big story—tuning you into the revolutionary nature of scientific discovery
      • Understand the neurobiology of presence — why and how it’s a transforming agent, and how to guide yourself into this powerful state 
      • Learn how tuning in to the “fabric of interbeing” supports presence, wisdom, intuition, and empathy
    • Workshop 2

      Whole Body-Mind Coaching

      with Amanda Blake

      Mar 6 |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn how to leverage the experiential nature of coaching to make it a more powerful learning experience
      • Discover how the two primary functional networks in the brain — the analytic and the empathic — work together to produce powerful intelligence
      • Learn how to tune in to your client, empowering your active listening and ability to ask powerful questions
    • Workshop 3

      Embodied Self-Awareness

      with Amanda Blake

      Mar 13th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      6-7:30 PM Central European
      • Learn the difference between embodied self-awareness and conceptual self-awareness, and why both are critical for effective coaching
      • Explore how embodied perception operates below your conscious awareness, and how to become aware of its intelligence.
      • Discover what the latest research reveals about the role of embodied self-awareness in cultivating flourishing, resilience, and your capacity for managing conflict
    • Workshop 4

      Cultivating Embodied States

      with Alan Fogel and Amanda Blake

      Mar 20th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      6-7:30 PM Central European
      • Explore three distinct states of embodied self-awareness: restorative, regulated, and dysregulated, enabling you to recognize them in clients.
      • Learn how to help your clients (and yourself!) build capacity to shift into more regulated and restorative states of embodied awareness.
      • Walk away with a new tool to help clients recognize when they’re “off” – and help them know what to do about it
    • Workshop 5

      Shifting Embodied Memories

      with Amanda Blake

      Mar 27th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      6-7:30 PM Central European
      • Learn the difference between implicit and explicit memory, and the role embodied memory plays in coaching.
      • Help your clients “memorize” new behaviors and new ways of being by “overwriting” old and outdated implicit memories.
      • Practice specific tools that use sensory contrast to help your client’s body move from autopilot to conscious states.
    • Workshop 6

      How to Work with Stress and Trauma

      with Amanda Blake and David Treleaven

      Apr 3rd |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Explore how to work responsibly with your client when the coaching surfaces deeply uncomfortable sensations for them.
      • Learn how to notice emotionally charged material coming up, and how to handle it.
      • Learn “dos and don’ts” when coaching clients using the body, sensation, emotion, and memory.
    • Workshop 7

      Attachment Theory and Conscious Choice

      with Amanda Blake

      Apr 10th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn how the innate biological impulse to move towards pleasure and away from pain impacts behaviors and choices
      • Explore how attachment theory — and its associated neurobiology — impacts relationships
      • Understand how to use this knowledge to support your clients to gain greater presence and conscious choice
    • Workshop 8

      Fully Embodied Presence

      with Amanda Blake

      Apr 17th |
      10:00-11:00am US Pacific
      7-8:00 PM Central European
      • Discover why empathy is impossible in the absence of presence… and how the body and brain play a critical role in both.
      • Learn why presence and relationship, not technique, is the fundamental force for change in coaching.
      • Explore how your coaching presence has grown since the first session.
  • Module 2
    Lisa Feldman BarrettRichard BoyatzisDilip JesteAnn Betz

    Unique Perspectives on Neuroscience and Transformation

    with Lisa Feldman Barret, Richard Boyatzis, Dan Siegel, Dilip Jeste, Ann Betz, and Tony Jack

    In the second module, you’ll hear from distinguished voices from a range of neuroscientific disciplines. We’ll connect you with cutting-edge findings that change the way we understand change. You’ll deepen your understanding of the neuroscience of presence, and the impact of coaching on the brain. And you’ll explore powerful new understandings of the nature of wisdom.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 2

    • Workshop 9
      Lisa Feldman Barrett

      The Theory of Constructed Emotion — Why it Matters for Well-being

      with Lisa Feldman Barret

      May 1st |
      10:00-11:30 AM US Pacific
      7:00-8:30 PM Central European
      • Discover the newest findings on the theory of constructed emotion
      • Explore what this means for your coaching practice (and your overall well-being!)
      • Learn practical applications that you can tailor to your own unique coaching style
    • Workshop 10
      Richard Boyatzis

      Coaching for Compassion: The Science of Effective Coaching

      with Richard Boyatzis

      May 8th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Learn the paramount role that visioning and compassion play in truly effective coaching and how to optimize your coaching to leverage the power of personal vision. 
      • Understand the difference between coaching with compassion and coaching for compliance and how research indicates only the first leads to desired change.
      • Understand why coaching needs to be holistic, encompassing the client’s life as a whole – and can’t just focus on a few discrete aspects if it wants to be impactful.
    • Workshop 11

      The Intrapersonal Neurobiology of Relationship and Well-Being

      with Dan Siegel

      May 15th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Discover what neurobiology has learned about identity — that it’s not a fixed entity, but rather a fluid process
      • Learn the neurobiology of identity — how we’ve mistaken this fluid process for a fixed entity — and how the old view impacts our world 
      • Explore the neurobiology of inner connectedness and its importance in presence, belonging, and integration
      • Understand the impact of the above 2 points on health, well-being, relationships, and society
    • Workshop 12
      Ann Betz

      The Neuroscience of Consciousness

      with Ann Betz

      May 22nd |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • The relationship between coaching, neuroscience, and human consciousness
      • How we as coaches are impacting the consciousness of the world
      • The big picture of the impact of coaching on the brain and what that means for client development
    • Workshop 13
      Dilip Jeste

      The Science of Wisdom

      with Dilip Jeste

      May 29th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • Understand the seven components of wisdom at the core of individual and societal well-being – and how to measure them.
      • Learn how you can help your clients develop higher levels of wisdom, and how they can harness the gifts of wisdom early in life
      • Discover how wisdom changes the brain, and what we have learned from studying aging (across the entire human life span)
    • Workshop 14

      Emotional Intelligence: Analytic VS Empathic Thinking

      with Tony Jack

      Jun 5th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
      • What neuroscience reveals about two distinct types of human understanding
      • What the tension between these two networks reveals about ethics, happiness, and spirituality
      • The implications these findings have on emotional intelligence and personal development 
  • Module 3
    Ellen Waenink headshot

    Actualization Sessions

    with Ellen Waenink

    During each module, Ellen will lead you into a powerful practice space to help you deepen and grow as a coach. These Actualization Sessions take full advantage of Zoom breakouts where you’ll practice coaching and being coached, enabling you to integrate and embody what you’ve been learning.

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      What You Will Learn in Module 3

    • Actualization Session 1
      Ellen Waenink headshot

      with Ellen Waenink

      Apr 24th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European
    • Actualization Session 1
      Ellen Waenink headshot

      with Ellen Waenink

      Jun 12th |
      10:00-11:30am US Pacific
      7-8:30 PM Central European

What coaches are saying about the Neuroscience of Change

This program has revolutionized the way I coach. Both me and my clients are less in our heads, and able to connect with the body and tap into our creativity.

Alicja Nocon
Outstanding! The course has helped me sink into what I have known for a long time at some deep level, in a clearer and more confident way. This is a rare offering in the coach training world.

Jayne Willoughby

This is by far the best course I have attended ever.

Vicky Miethe

For those who worry about finding the right words, the right questions, or the right tone, this course bursts wide those assumptions, inviting a full body engagement in service to our clients. The blend of evidenced-based science, best practice and warm conversation makes this a must for anyone seeking to advance their coaching practice.

Trace Haythorn
This course has been inspirational! Having the neuroscience to back up my own ‘felt’ sense in coaching is a brilliant resource. I am feeling lit up by it all. Heartfelt thanks!

Diana Blanchard

This has been a life-changing course! It has given me outstanding knowledge, insight and understanding of the human condition. I can now work with embodied self-awareness to help my clients understand and nurture themselves from a place of unique wisdom and compassion. This course has been fascinating, challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

Elizabeth MacDonald
A game changer for understanding how we humans behave. Essential for coaching mastery.

Laura Sciore

I can now combine my own intuition and gut-feeling during a session, with what I know is going on in the brain, nervous system and experience of the client. That helps me to better read the clients situation (or my own), allowing me to stay in the unknown longer and eventually have more options.

Niels Horeman

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