September 23, 2020 – January 8, 2021

The Neuroscience of Change

Understand the Brain — Transform your Coaching

16 Live Video Classes
Fully Downloadable

6 Integration Workshops and Q+As

Neuroscience fundamentally changes the way you coach

Coaching can bring about profound transformation. You know this.

There are those sessions when you see a client’s life change before your eyes. They break through the block that’s been limiting them for years, and you can see the glimmers of their true power. They tap into their own wisdom—wisdom you could see, but that was hidden from them.

But then there are those sessions where nothing seems to shift. No matter what you try—what angle you come from—it just doesn’t get into the core of the issue.

What’s the difference?

You may feel like you approached them with the same mindset, used the same basic principles, but something is fundamentally different. What is it?

Now, we are beginning to truly understand why.

Through decades of revolutionary research, neuroscience can tell us what happens in the brain and body when different coaching techniques are used.

These discoveries are transforming the practice of coaching. Neuroscience shows why a number of our “tried and true” methods fail. It shows us the ways we’re inadvertently sabotaging our own coaching work. It shows us how to guide our clients away from stress and closed-mindedness, and into positive learning states that allow genuine change to occur.

We know the immense benefits of this field of wisdom, and we know that by adding these tools to your practice, you can affect even more change in your clients and in the world.

So we’ve created an in-depth online training—the first of its kind—featuring the world’s top neuroscientific coaches and experts, who will show you how to work with your clients using this powerful body of knowledge.

This training will enable you to…

  • Discover why some traditional coaching techniques actually inhibit change, and what we can do instead.
  • Guide yourself into the neural state most conducive to deep intuition and clarity, so you can consistently create breakthrough sessions with your clients
  • Equip your coaching toolbox with techniques validated by neuroscientific research, so you can create positive change in each person you work with

This knowledge can transform your coaching practice. In fact, implementing the principles of neuroscience has the potential to be as transformative for you as it is for your clients.

You’ll no longer wonder whether each session will bring about true change. Rather, you’ll have the humble confidence that you’re doing exactly what you need to do in order to open your clients to their deepest wisdom.

Join us for The Neuroscience of Change.

The Neuroscience of Change 2020

16 Live Video Workshops

Learn the key principles of neuroscientific coaching during 90-minute workshops containing cutting edge teaching material and live Q+A.

Earn 24 CCEUs

This training is officially accredited by the ICF. Attending will grant you 24 CCEU’s (18.5 of which are for Core Competencies).

Workbooks and Transcripts

You’ll receive full transcripts from each and every workshop, as well as 2 workbooks to help 
you integrate your learning

3 Live Video Q+As

Didn’t get your question answered in the class Q+As? Ask your burning questions during these extra sessions with the faculty.

Fully Downloadable

Everything can be downloaded (workshop videos, audio versions, transcripts, workbooks) so you can learn at your own pace.

3 Live Experiential Workshops

Learn to embody the principles of the training during 3 integration workshops, including breakout discussions and practice with your fellow coaches.

3 Bonus Recordings

And we’re including 3 full workshop recordings from last year’s program with best selling author Rick Hanson & neuroscientist and coach Alan Watkins.

Meet the faculty for this training.

We’ve gathered a teaching faculty for this training that is genuinely world-class. These coaches have decades of experience applying the deep knowledge of neuroscience with CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists and leaders.

What coaches are saying about the Neuroscience of Change

This is by far the best course I have attended ever.

Vicky Miethe

Outstanding! The course has helped me sink into what I have known for a long time at some deep level, in a clearer and more confident way. This is a rare offering in the coach training world.

Jayne Willoughby

A game changer for understanding how we humans behave. Essential for coaching mastery.

Laura Sciore

I can now combine my own intuition and gut-feeling during a session, with what I know is going on in the brain, nervous system and experience of the client. That helps me to better read the clients situation (or my own), allowing me to stay in the unknown longer and eventually have more options.

Niels Horeman

This course has been inspirational! Having the neuroscience to back up my own ‘felt’ sense in coaching is a brilliant resource. I am feeling lit up by it all. Heartfelt thanks!

Diana Blanchard

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