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Episode 144

Circling & the Power of Connection

Circling is a modality that exists somewhere on the spectrum between meditation and coaching and highlights the healing power of deep connection.

In this conversation with Coach and Circling Europe co-founder Sean Wilkinson we explore the relational meditation tool of Circling, accessing a place of deep presence and aliveness with clients, the role of coaching, potential pitfalls when including our own experience in the connection and navigating cross-paradigmatic coaching.

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In this podcast we talk about:

06:00 What is Circling
15:00 Relational meditation
24:20 Searching for inner truth
30:25 Being a Yes to what is
35:00 The internal paradigm shift
39:40 The potency of shared consciousness
46:30 The role of coaching
50:40 Goals and transformation
57:00 The risk of entanglement
1:06:00 Intimacy heals
1:10:12 The self-transforming experience
1:16:00 Cross-paradigmatic coaching

About Sean

Headshot of Sean wilkinson
Sean Wilkinson

Sean Wilkinson is a Circling Europe co-founder with an enduring passion for self-awareness, human potential, wisdom traditions and an ongoing inquiry into life. His focus includes extensive academic research, spiritual and psychological practice, coaching, and therapeutic training. Circling Europe creates innovative workshops for individual growth within a group setting, which supports people in making breakthroughs in presence and self development, especially in relationships with others.


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