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Episode 143

The Vibration of Leadership

Start-up founders are a powerful force for change in a time when radical innovation is crucial, but they inhabit a particularly fast-paced and highly demanding work environment. How can we best support them?

In this conversation with Executive Coach Gaston Schmitz we dive into the particular challenges faced by Asian founders and the coaching approaches that support their growth, the vibration of leadership, how coaches can train their vibrational perception, and the foundations of intuitive coaching.

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In this podcast we talk about:

02:00 The Asian Leadership Institute
10:00 Self-conscious to collective-conscious
17:00 Drive and purpose in founders
20:00 The struggle for contentment
26:20 The vibration of leadership
32:00 Developing mindfulness in leaders
37:50 Holding compassionate space
41:20 Foundations of intuitive coaching
47:00 Coaching founders
51:30 Fostering “skillful means”
57:50 Training vibrational perception
1:05:10 Mindfulness sources

Resources Mentioned:

The way out is in
Jack Kornfield
Tara Brach
Sam Harris
Nonviolent communication
Bonnitta Roy
Layman Pascal
Satish Kumar
Schumacher College

About Gaston

Gaston Schmitz Headshot
Gaston Schmitz

Gaston Schmitz is an Executive & Founder Coach at the Asian Leadership Institute and has worked in over 30 countries across a diverse range of industries and businesses, including multinationals and rapidly growing startups. Besides having coached senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, he is also leading the tech startup part of ALI Consultancy. Employing a personalized coaching style inspired by mindfulness, conscious communication and neuroscience, he allows clients to expand their perspective, see blind spots and connect with what really matters to them. Gaston has over 10,000 hours of experience coaching executives and founders.


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