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Episode 141

Jean Gebser’s Work & Evolving Integrality

The conversation around adult development and integral consciousness continues to expand and evolve.

In this conversation with author and philosopher Jeremy Johnson we explore Jean Gebser’s notion of development, temporics, the unperspectival, the perspectival and the aperspectival, the move from sense-directed thinking to “senseful awareing”, the magic and the mythic and the invitation of this moment.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:20 Seeing through the world
07:40 The perspectival world
13:00 The crisis of time
23:40 The move into “senseful awareing”
29:30 Presence and embodiment
36:30 The non-linearity of time
41:30 The magic and the mythic
52:40 Animism and relationship
59:50 The gift of the mythic
1:07:30 The invitation of this moment
1:16:30 Truth through presence

Resources Mentioned:

Seeing through the world, by Jeremy Johnson
Zak Stein
Ken Wilber
The scent of time, by Byung-Chul Han
The cave of forgotten dreams
The Peripheral, by William Gibson
Galileo’s dream, by Kim Stanley Robinson
Cynthia Bourgeault’s articles

About Jeremy

Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson is an author (Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness), publisher (Integral Imprint), managing editor (Integral Leadership Review), podcaster (Mutations) and integral philosopher. His academic research, writing, and publishing advocates new forays into integrative thinking and praxis—aligning the scholastic, poetic, and spiritual—as existentially crucial work for pathfinding in a time of planetary crisis. Jeremy currently serves as president for the International Jean Gebser Society, and is working on his doctorate in the Philosophy of Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies. His second book, Fragments of an Integral Future (Integral Imprint) is forthcoming in late 2022.

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