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Episode 137

Transformation in a Meta-Modern World (& the stage theory debate)

As we participate more and more consciously in our own unfolding, we need to ask what is working, what is holding us back, and how can we develop as individuals and collectively in a way that is in harmony with the wider ecosystem?

In this conversation with Spring Cheng, Steve March and Jeremy Johnson we explore the concept of liminality, animated intelligence, constructive and destructive developmental methods, two key pathways to creating change, our relationality and connection to the ecosphere, and embracing diversity within and between us.

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In this podcast we talk about:

05:20 What do we mean by “liminality”
09:30 Fostering animated intelligence
13:40 Participating in our own unfolding
19:40 Unconscious violence in development
24:50 What helps to generate development
35:25 Two pathways to creating change
43:30 A senseful unfoldment
49:00 Development as a design process
59:00 What is a Self
1:09:00 Diversity within and between us
1:15:00 Returning home to ourselves

Resources Mentioned:
Jeremy Lent
Jean Gebser
Gilbert Simondon

About Jeremy

Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson, MA, is a scholar, writer, and editor for Revelore Press and founder of Nura Learning. He received his masters in Consciousness Studies from Goddard College, where he studied the intersections of media ecology, the structures of consciousness and depth psychology. He is the author of Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness (2018) and an editor for Mutations: Art, Consciousness and the Anthropocene (2019). Jeremy is the current president of the International Jean Gebser Society. His writing has been featured in OMNI, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Kosmos Journal, Integral Leadership Review, Evolve Magazine, and Evolve and Ascend

About Spring

Spring Cheng

Spring Cheng is the co-founder of Resonance Path Institute, a non-profit organization based in Seattle that pioneers research and practice to restore the sensing-feeling-Self to serve the emergence of collective consciousness and wholesome social organizations, and co-author of The Resonance Code.


About Steve

Photo of Steve March
Steve March

Steve March is the originator of Aletheia Coaching and founder of the Aletheia Coach Training School. Previously, from 2009-2019 he was senior faculty for New Ventures West. He specializes in coaching leaders stepping into new and/or expanded roles and leaders who are burned out (or on the way to becoming burned out). He brings a deep and rich background of sixteen years working in the field of software development as a software engineer, quality manager, senior process consultant, and manager of organizational development.


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