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Episode 135

The Descending Path

In many developmental movements there is a strong emphasis on so-called “ascendent” practices, which can lead to issues in the maturation process of the individual.

In this conversation with Spring Cheng and Tom Murray we explore the descending path and how it relates to the ascending path in development, the role of grief, learning and unlearning, how one direction influences the other and encountering and deconstructing complexity.

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In this podcast we talk about:

07:00 What’s missing in ego development
12:00 The role of grief and sadness
18:00 What is waking up
22:55 The descending path
26:15 Learning and unlearning
31:50 Exploring internal structures
37:00 A paired, complimentary movement
42:00 The value in the “lower” levels
50:15 Deconstructing complexity
55:30 Incorporating the descending work

Resources Mentioned:

Integral theory
Seeing through the world, by Jeremy D Johnson
Bonnitta Roy
Robert Kegan
Terri O’Fallon
I Ching

About Spring

Spring Cheng

Spring Cheng is the co-founder of Resonance Path Institute, a non-profit organization based in Seattle that pioneers research and practice to restore the sensing-feeling-Self to serve the emergence of collective consciousness and wholesome social organizations, and co-author of The Resonance Code.


About Tom

Tom Murray
Tom Murray

Tom Murray is Director of Research, Innovation and Partnerships at STAGES International, is Chief Visionary and Instigator at Open Way Solutions, and is a Senior Research Fellow at the UMass School of Computer Science. He is an Associate Editor at Integral Review, and is on the editorial review board of the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education. He has published articles on developmental theory and meta-theory as they relate to wisdom, education, we-space practices, ethics, and epistemology.

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