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Episode 126

Working With Later Stages of Adult Development

As we develop into higher stages of adult development the need for us as coaches to understand where we ourselves are developmentally and how to best support our clients through the shift from one stage to another becomes an ever more nuanced endeavor.

In this conversation with teacher and coach Alexander Love we explore working with the evolutionary impulse in coaching, the ascending and descending streams of growth, the journey through developmental levels, and working with late Subtle and early MetAware clients.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:05 Coaching and the evolutionary impulse
10:50 The descending movement of love
16:30 Becoming a resonant note
27:00 Models of being and knowing
33:30 Progressing through developmental levels
42:40 Recognising our own stage
48:40 Working with early MetAware
55:35 Shadow work in MetAware
1:04:30 Moving between perspectives
1:08:10 Honoring MetAware receptivity
1:13:10 The MetAware collective

Resources Mentioned:
Newfield Network
Terri O’Fallon

About Alexander

Alexander Love

Alexander Love, M.Ac, PCC, NCC, is a renowned teacher, acupuncturist and coach. He is on faculty at the Newfield Network, a leading coach training organization. Alexander is a developmental coach who specializes in transformational shadow work. He works with a wide range of individuals spanning the developmental spectrum which includes providing support for those in the latest stages of human development. Currently, Alexander is working on a book that is a synthesis of eastern wisdom with western developmental research to provide the coach with a deep understanding of how we grow up through stages of meaning making and how this knowledge is essential for supporting our clients.

Alexander’s TEDx talk, “How embracing pain creates a legacy of love”

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