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Episode 147

The Wisdom of Grief

Life is a series of ongoing losses; of people, places, and parts of self, and yet grief – the emotion we can experience as a result of loss – is rarely mentioned in coaching training.

In this conversation with integral coach Dina Bell-Laroche we explore grief and how to encounter it with our clients, the social perception of grief and grieving, the identity transformation catalyzed by loss, building safety and self-soothing, and the language of continued bonds.

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In this podcast we talk about:

09:00 Meeting our grief
14:00 Social perceptions of grief
21:30 Transformation includes loss
24:30 Grief Literacy 101
30:30 Feeling disenfranchised in our grief
35:00 Processing through the body
41:00 Bearing witness
48:00 Encountering grief with a client
54:00 Building safety in the body
57:00 Learning self-soothing
1:05:00 The language of continued bonds

Resources Mentioned:

Prolonged Grief Disorder
The language of emotions, by Karla McLaren
Terry Tempest Williams 
Krista Tippett
The wild edge of sorrow, by Francis Weller
The well of grief, by David Whyte

About Dina

Dina Bell-Laroche
Dina Bell-Laroche

Dina Bell-Laroche, BJ, MA, is an Integral Master Coach™ and partner at Sport Law. Dina has worked for a number of sport organizations since 1991 including the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, the Canadian Olympic Committee, the True Sport Foundation, and Equestrian Canada. Dina specializes in Integral Coaching®, strategic planning, communications, risk management, change management, loss and grief, and leadership development. Dina is currently enrolled in a Thanatology Certificate Program at the University of Western Ontario’s King’s College.


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