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Dina Bell-Laroche

Dina Bell-Laroche

Episode 147

The Wisdom of Grief

Life is a series of ongoing losses; of people, places, and parts of self, and yet grief - the emotion we can experience as a result of loss - is rarely mentioned in coaching training. In this conversation with integral coach Dina Bell-Laroche we explore grief and how to encounter it with our clients, the social perception of grief and grieving, the identity transformation catalyzed by loss, building safety and self-soothing, and the language of continued bonds. [Read more...]

Michael Meade

Episode 81

Following the Call, Living Myth & Uncovering our Genius

In a world that is suffering from a dearth of soul, how do we find our way back to deeper levels of meaning-making and identity? In this conversation with storytelling and mythologist Michael Meade we explore the current state of the world through the lens of myth, the concept of unique individual genius and how to access it, and the role of imagination in bringing forth our calling. [Read more...]

Your Host

Joel Monk

I’m a coach, trainer and entrepreneur.

Recently I saw on a deeper level how all the things in my life orient around cultivating a sense of ‘aliveness’. By this I mean – what is it to be awake and fully expressed in this moment? How can I metabolize the conditioning that binds me so that I can wake up into deeper expressions of authentic, embodied human presence?

I’m deeply committed to awakening the leader that lives in all of us. We’re all being invited to align with what wants to live through us and from here we can truly serve the world with our work.