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Photo of Staci Haines

Staci Haines

Episode 18

How to Create Lasting Embodied Change

Why are some habits so hard to shift, even when we understand that they no longer serve us and we know exactly what to change?

In this conversation with somatic expert Staci Haines we explore some of the gateways into the body used in somatic coaching. We also explore the root cause of the somatic adaptations that live within us and how we can develop an expanded somatic perception.

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Photo of David Treleaven

David Treleaven

Episode 17

Finding the Transformational Sweet Spot

As coaches we’re all about creating transformative experiences. But how do we know when a client is on the verge of a breakthrough? And how do we know not to push too far?

In this lively conversation, mindfulness and trauma expert David Treleaven clarifies how to recognize the sweet spot of transformation, the core tenet of somatic coaching.

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Photo of David B Peterson

David Peterson

Episode 16

The Future of Coaching

As more and more industries face disruption through technology, how can coaches prepare for the inevitable (and do we really need to worry)?

David Peterson, Google’s very own expert on coaching and leadership, sat down with us to explain how this is already happening, why it’s a good thing, and how coaches can stay relevant ahead of the curve.

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Photo of Rand Stagen

Rand Stagen

Episode 15

Becoming a Transformative Presence

We hear more and more about transformational coaching but what defines a transformational coach? And how do we become one in nature rather than simply in name?

In this conversation, Rand Stagen unpacks the four levels of coaching as defined by an insightful behavioural measure and dives deep into what it means to be a transformational presence and how to navigate the accompanying paradoxes.

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Photo of Julio Olalla

Julio Ollala

Episode 14

Cultivating Awe and Wonder in Our Coaching Conversations

“You can’t know what you don’t know”. This is one truism we attempt to circumnavigate when we coach in the quest to help our clients open to new possibilities. But how do we facilitate a shift in someone’s lifelong identity?

In this truth-talking conversation, ontological coach Julio Olalla outlines the intersection where philosophy, psychology and wisdom create fertile ground for transformation in our clients, and what is required of us as coaches in that process.

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Doug Silsbee

Doug Silsbee

February 19, 2018
54 minutes
Episode 13

The Transformative Power of Presence

How on earth do we actually change? It’s hard. We’re wired to resist it. And yet the only constant in life is change – so how do we cultivate a healthy aptitude for inner transformation in ourselves and our clients?

In this conversation Doug Silsbee explains how to cultivate presence and realization, how to encourage neuroplastic rewiring, and the most constructive attitude we can hold towards change.

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Jennifer Garvey Berger

Episode 12

Cultivating Higher Leadership Consciousness

Leaders today are floundering – they can’t keep up with the pace of change and the demands on them often seem overwhelming. So what are the capacities that will allow them to lead effectively and how do we help them grow those skills?

In this deep dive into the essential aptitudes of modern leadership, adult development expert Jennifer Garvey Berger explains the self-authoring stage of mind that most leaders are at, and how to help them transition to the self-transforming stage that their organisations (and the world) need them to grow into.

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Ginny Whitelaw

December 12, 2017
49 minutes
Episode 10

The Guts of Leadership: Developing Unshakable Fearlessness

Leaders needs guts – right? Added to which a hefty dose of intuition, groundedness and a commitment to the whole would be nice. But these attributes seem to be in short supply nowadays – so how do we foster their development?

As it happens, there’s a nifty little shortcut, which zen master and former NASA scientist Ginny Whitelaw is putting into practice. In this conversation, we unpack exactly how and why working with the Hara leads to such swift and profound change, and the impact this can have on us as coaches.

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Carole Griggs

Carole Griggs

November 24, 2017
68 minutes
Episode 9

Coaching from the Ground of Being

What does the “ground of being” actually mean, what does it have to do with internal polarities, and how exactly do meditation and mindset facilitate powerful coaching?

In this lively conversation with Dr Carole Griggs we explore tangible ways in which coaching from the ground of being can help us have radically open hearts, deeply integrated systems and agenda-free mindsets to help our clients create unlimited transformation.

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Toku McCree

November 7, 2017
48 minutes
Episode 8

Transformative Enrollment: Moving Beyond Yes and No

Enrollment is the moment of truth in any coaching business; will you make the sale or not? If not, it doesn’t really matter how great a coach you are – you’re not putting yourself in a position to transform lives.

In this conversation, enrollment expert Toku McCree dives deep into the mechanics of successful (and honourable) enrollment, providing invaluable clarity on the personal and business aspects of the process in order to enable you to do powerful work in every coaching conversation you have.

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Michael Bungay Stanier

October 16, 2017
60 minutes
Episode 7

Doing Great Work

Michael Bungay Stanier is obsessed with one particular distinction: the difference between good work and great work. Why do so many of us spend most of our time doing work that’s just okay when we could be doing work that is profound – work that “makes a dent in the universe”?

Using neuroscience, personal stories and his trademark sense of humour, Michael teaches us how to do more great work, so that we can have more impact, express more of our genius and most importantly, have more fun.

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Joel Monk

I’m a coach, trainer and entrepreneur.

Recently I saw on a deeper level how all the things in my life orient around cultivating a sense of ‘aliveness’. By this I mean – what is it to be awake and fully expressed in this moment? How can I metabolize the conditioning that binds me so that I can wake up into deeper expressions of authentic, embodied human presence?

I’m deeply committed to awakening the leader that lives in all of us. We’re all being invited to align with what wants to live through us and from here we can truly serve the world with our work.