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Kim Barta

Episode 130

Types of Shadow and How to Work With Them

The word “shadow” is liberally used nowadays but do we really understand what we mean by it?

In this conversation with psychotherapist Kim Barta we explore what shadow is and what it is not, the evolution from 1st person to 6th person perspectives, the three key forms of shadow and how to address them, content versus process shadow and matching the release technique to the shadow type.

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Carolyn Coughlin

Carolyn Coughlin

Episode 129

From Complexity Fitness to Complexity Genius

In these times of rapid and chaotic change, how can we help leaders understand, embrace and even flourish in complexity?

In this conversation with executive coach Carolyn Coughlin we explore how we respond to complexity, what “complexity fitness” is, how adult development relates to complexity, arriving in context and fostering fluidity, testing patterns and moving towards “complexity genius”.

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Matt Auron

Matt Auron

Episode 128

Integral Coaching & the Emergent Organizational Landscape

Silicon Valley stands for fast-paced change; what can we learn from a consulting firm working with seed and other early-stage companies at the heart of the evolving world of business and organizational culture?

In this conversation with executive coach and leadership development consultant Matt Auron we dive into the approach of his coaching, culture and leadership development firm Evolution and its roots in integral theory, the potential of these times for cultural experimentation, holistic coaching in organizations, using the “I, We and It” framework, business mirroring life, inductive versus deductive methods of leadership, and finding the core patterns with our clients.

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Bonnitta Roy

Bonnitta Roy

Episode 127

From Decline and Collapse to Transformation and Potential

In order to foster resilience and ingenuity in these times we need to replace our obsession with decline and collapse with a focus on transformation and potential.

In this conversation with meta-cognitive teacher and author Bonnitta Roy we explore the impact of our subjectivity on the personal and collective levels, moving beyond the dominant models of change, shifting from complex adaptive systems thinking to complex potential states, types of conflict, the core-communal and cosmopolitan self, and the potential in the decline of the West.

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Alexander Love

Episode 126

Working With Later Stages of Adult Development

As we develop into higher stages of adult development the need for us as coaches to understand where we ourselves are developmentally and how to best support our clients through the shift from one stage to another becomes an ever more nuanced endeavor.

In this conversation with teacher and coach Alexander Love we explore working with the evolutionary impulse in coaching, the ascending and descending streams of growth, the journey through developmental levels, and working with late Subtle and early MetAware clients.

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Terri O’Fallon

March 22, 2022
100 minutes
Episode 125

Working With the STAGES Model

Models of adult development haven’t been around that long, but possibly the most complex and constantly evolving of these is the Stages model.

In this conversation with Terri O’Fallon we explore the Stages developmental model, the nuances of the higher stages, the significance of the transpersonal stage, challenges that come with stage shifts, shadows and incongruencies in stages, coaching clients at higher stages, and the potential and difficulty of integrating metaphysical questions in stage development.

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Steve Hoskinson

Episode 124

A Trauma-Safe Approach to Coaching

When working with trauma there is often a heavy focus on the trauma and its impact – does this need to be the case?

In this conversation with Steven Hoskinson we explore the biology of trauma, how to expand our client’s processing capacity, fostering improvisation in coaching, the biological impact of wonder, the iSOMA model, negative reinforcement and the post-trauma growth trajectory.

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Marcia Reynolds

Episode 123

Coach the Person, Not the Problem

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Coach the person, not the problem” before. But how do we implement that when faced with powerful client stories?

In this conversation with executive coach Marcia Reynolds we explore the foundations of reflective inquiry, extracting meaning from story, helping our clients release identity restrictions and disrupt patterns and the critical difference between paying attention and presence.

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Hans Phillips

Episode 122

Practicing Radical Integrity, Authenticity and Mastery in Coaching

What makes the ultimate difference between a beginner coach and a masterful coach?

In this conversation with high performance consultant Hans Phillips we explore the shift from good coaching to masterful coaching, the dynamics of ease and flow, integrity in the coaching industry, intuition and ongoing personal development, helping clients with visioning blockages and the importance of having a healthy work/life balance as a coach.

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Kari Granger

Episode 121

Facilitating the Shift in Business Consciousness

In these fast-paced times, coaches can play a crucial role in shaping leadership and organizational change.

In this conversation with executive coach Kari Granger we explore the ongoing shift in business consciousness, what leadership is, stakeholder leadership, partnering with the system, the coaching agenda and creating systemic change.

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Staci Haines

Episode 120

Expanding Our Somatic Capacity

In these particularly challenging times, how can we as coaches help people foster resilience, embodied decision-making and the fundamental needs of safety, belonging and dignity?

In this conversation with somatic coach Staci Haines we dive into coaching across social boundaries, addressing conditioned tendencies, fostering resilience, living from past commitments and expanding our somatic capacity.

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Amanda Blake

John Vervaeke

Episode 119

From Perception To Meaning-Making

Our understanding of how our brains work continues to evolve, as well as our understanding of how we create meaning. How can we use advances in cognitive science to help our coaching clients?

In this conversation with Amanda Blake and John Vervaeke we dive into cognitive science and how it can help us understand meaning-making, how cognition is not in your head, different forms of knowing, reciprocal opening and narrowing and how cognitive science translates to practical tools for coaches.

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Joel Monk

I’m a coach, trainer and entrepreneur.

Recently I saw on a deeper level how all the things in my life orient around cultivating a sense of ‘aliveness’. By this I mean – what is it to be awake and fully expressed in this moment? How can I metabolize the conditioning that binds me so that I can wake up into deeper expressions of authentic, embodied human presence?

I’m deeply committed to awakening the leader that lives in all of us. We’re all being invited to align with what wants to live through us and from here we can truly serve the world with our work.