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Episode 196

Practice Design

April 12, 2024
78 minutes

In this conversation with coach and consultant Chris Alder we explore the concept of practice, how we create practices that are developmentally intelligent, working with metaphor, integration and somatic development, hot and cold zone practices and role modeling for our clients.

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In this podcast we talk about:

06:00 Integral Coaching Canada
12:00 Working with metaphor
20:30 Zoning in on the practice
28:30 Unpacking the practice
34:00 Integration & horizontal development
41:00 Cold zone vs hot zone practices
47:30 The somatic line of development
52:00 Evolving metaphors of change
57:30 Role modeling for the client
1:04:00 Working with shadow
1:07:50 Executive coaching at Evolution

Resources Mentioned:
Ken Wilber
Robert Kegan
Integral theory
Matt Auron
Zak Stein
Steve March
The Art of Integral Practice Design – June 18th, 2024

About Chris

Chris Alder

Chris Alder is a partner at Evolution and has been working globally with executives and senior leaders for the past 12 years across a whole wide range of industries. He is passionate about helping leaders move beyond their current perspective and reality and transform themselves and their leadership in order to better navigate the complexities of the ever-changing business world. He completed his coaching studies with Integral Coaching Canada in their Master Coaching program and went on to train as faculty for them in 2015 where he now teaches their ICF accredited program in Europe and Canada.


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