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Episode 198

The Emotional Backpack

In this conversation with Vivian Dittmar we explore the conscious release process, the relationship between emotional work and transpersonal self, how emotional release happens, transpersonal ways of knowing, and midwifing an evolutionary crisis.

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In this podcast we talk about:

02:30 Integrating spiritual understanding
08:00 The distinction between feelings and emotions
14:30 The practice of conscious release
19:00 How emotional release happens
27:30 Learning to feel
32:00 Working with triggers
41:00 From emotions to the transpersonal
45:00 AI and the emotional relationship
52:00 Transpersonal ways of knowing
57:30 From unhealthy ego to transpersonal will
1:03:00 Midwifing an evolutionary crisis

Resources Mentioned:

The emotional backpack, by Vivian Dittmar
The power of feelings, by Vivian Dittmar 
Your inner GPS, by Vivian Dittmar 
Transrational ways of knowing podcast with Vivian Dittmar
David Bohm, Implicate Order
True prosperity, by Vivian Dittmar

About Vivian

Vivian Dittmar

Vivian Dittmar is an author, wisdom teacher and founder of the Be the Change Foundation. Born in Germany, Vivian spent her childhood and youth on three continents, immersed in very diverse cultural and socio-economic contexts. This gives her a unique perspective on what it means to be human. Through her books, lectures, seminars and online offerings, she has been committed to a holistic development of people, society, economy and consciousness for over two decades. Her books include “The Emotional Backpack”, “The Power of Feelings“ and “Your Inner GPS“.


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