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Episode 191

Purpose & Calling in the Polycrisis

Dana CarmenJoel Yanowitz

In this conversation with Dana Carmen and Joel Yanowitz we explore the methodology of Wayfinding in which leaders encounter the mirror of nature, the power of threshold and ritual, nature as facilitator, and translating and integrating insights.

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In this podcast we talk about:

02:30 Introducing Dana and Joel
06:30 Purpose and calling in the polycrisis
12:00 Cultivating acceptance and courage
16:00 Finding joy in these times
23:00 Nature as facilitator
27:00 Taking a longer perspective
32:00 Coaching with nature
41:00 Inviting healing in nature
50:00 Nature and the human psyche
53:00 The power of threshold and ritual
1:00:00 Spontaneously arising insight
1:10:00 Stepping into an animate mentality
1:16:00 The challenge of integration

Resources Mentioned:
Thomas Huebl
Action inquiry

About Dana

Dana Carmen
Dana Carman

Dana Carman is an expert in human and organizational transformation. Since 1984 he has worked as a senior advisor, consultant and executive coach to leaders of more than 200 visionary organizations on 5 five continents. Dana has co-founded two pioneering consultancies and trained and certified more than 500 consultant’s, coaches and change agents worldwide. In the last several years, Dana has co-founded the Action Inquiry Associates, and is an owner, board member and core faculty of MetaIntegral Academy which offers next generation leader development programs for executives and change agents from five continents.


About Joel

Joel Yanowitz
Joel Yanowitz

Joel Yanowitz is a leading consultant, executive coach and senior advisor renowned for his ability to help leaders accelerate progress on critical business challenges through leveraging the human side of their organization. Joel has hands-on experience launching and running companies, having served as co-founder and managing director of Innovation Associates and currently as Vice President of Arthur D. Little. Over the past thirty years, he has helped countless business leaders drive growth, improve innovation, and build cultures capable of extraordinary performance.


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