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Episode 138

The Contemporary Edge of Effective Coaching

The world is changing – fast – and people and organizations are needing something different from coaching than they did ten years ago.

In this conversation from the Coaches Rising Sumit 2022 with Jacinta M. Jiménez and Karim Hirani we explore the current crisis in mental health and the role of coaches in addressing it, the shifting values in the workplace and coaching in organizations, the fine line between coaching and therapy and the future of effective coaching.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:25 Jacinta & Karim introductions
07:15 The middle child of mental health
11:00 The place of coaching today
14:15 Compassion & belonging in the workplace
16:35 Understanding vertical development
19:20 Continued learning and specialization
25:40 The border between coaching and therapy
30:30 What makes effective coaching
37:50 Navigating working with organizations
45:50 Issues within the coaching industry
50:35 Tech & the future of coaching

Resources Mentioned:
Vertical development

About Jacinta

Jacinta Jiménez
Jacinta M. Jiménez and Karim Hirani

Jacinta M. Jiménez, PsyD, BCC (also known as “Dr. J”) is an award-winning author, psychologist, and board-certified leadership coach with a 20+ year career dedicated to the betterment of individuals, leaders, and organizations. Her work is focused around synthesizing her deep knowledge of human behavior and applying it to the development of technology, innovative coaching programs, and leaders. She has worked with individuals in top organizations in Silicon Valley and throughout the world.

About Karim

Karim Hirani

Karim Hirani is Global Head of Quality and Design for BTS Coach and oversees quality, training and skill development for BTS Coach associates. As Head of Design function, Karim develops programs meet the needs of organizations globally. His thought leadership in coaching has taken the form of peer reviewed papers, presenting at ICF Global, ICF US, ICF Europe, ICF Australia and APAC conferences, and he is the co-author of “The four greatest coaching conversations”.


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