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Episode 122

Practicing Radical Integrity, Authenticity and Mastery in Coaching

What makes the ultimate difference between a beginner coach and a masterful coach?

In this conversation with high performance consultant Hans Phillips we explore the shift from good coaching to masterful coaching, the dynamics of ease and flow, integrity in the coaching industry, intuition and ongoing personal development, helping clients with visioning blockages and the importance of having a healthy work/life balance as a coach.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:55 Mental health challenges in these times
06:45 Hans’ journey with coaching
12:50 Intuition and saying the thing
16:20 Practicing what we preach
22:50 Trusting bizarre intuitions
25:30 Ease, trust and surrender
30:40 Liberation from numbing behaviors
33:45 Embracing old and new challenges
40:25 Expansion and alignment
45:20 Working with visioning blockages
51:55 Creating achievable goals
57:10 Work/life balance as a coach
1:01:45 Useful resources for coaches

Resources Mentioned:

Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill
The surrender experiment, by Michael Singer
The prosperous coach, by Rich Litvin
Get clients now, by C.J. Hayden
The last word on power, by Tracy Goss
The science of success, by Wallace Wattles

About Hans

Hans Phillips

Hans Phillips is a high performance consultant who works with clients around the world, supporting them personally and professionally to create and maintain sustainable high performance and the enjoyment of life. His work is based on emotional intelligence, conscious living, ontology, and phenomenology. Hans provides consulting, training, and coaching for achievement-oriented clients, specializing in helping them create new avenues of communication and authenticity as well as creating new velocity in their projects.

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