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Episode 136

Mastering Marketing & Selling With Heart

Many coaches feel they’re bad at the business side of coaching and struggling with marketing.

In this conversation with coach Toku McCree we explore how to make marketing feel good, the key components to selling with heart, the art of writing marketing copy and the relationship between coaching and leadership.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:30 Business questions for coaches
07:00 Connecting to our core purpose
13:30 Reflecting our essence
17:15 Sales and connection
20:00 Connecting to inspiration
24:30 The art of marketing copy
27:45 Marketing mastery
34:00 Strategy, tactics and heart
38:10 Time and money
41:50 Coaching and leadership
45:30 Vision and creation
48:30 Leadership requires courage

Resources Mentioned:
Hans Phillips
The samurai coaching devotional

About Toku

Toku McCree

Toku McCree is a coach for unconventional executives, as well as a speaker and mindfulness expert, and the founder of and the Samurai Coaching Dojo - a virtual incubator for coaches to practice and develop the art of deep coaching and authentic selling. Toku’s approach focuses on expanding clients’ self-awareness in order to improve productivity, communication and creativity.
Coaching MBA

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