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Episode 94

The Coaching / Therapy Divide & When To Refer Clients

The responsibility we have as people working in a helping profession means it’s important for us to know when we’ve reached the limits of our expertise, but working out where that line is can be tricky.

In this conversation with Executive Coach and Mental Health Researcher Verity Symcox we explore the distinctions between coaching and therapy, how to know when to refer, and methods of safeguarding ourselves as coaches as well as our clients.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:45 The coaching/therapy divide
07:45 The assumption of healthy clients
10:15 Defining client normalcy
17:15 Identifying a mental health issue
23:00 The subtleties of referring
29:30 Sensing the need for referral
37:15 The dark side of coaching
42:10 The continuum of helping professions
50:50 Safeguarding ourselves
55:50 Taking care of our clients

Resources Mentioned:
RAINS technique

About Verity

Verity Symcox

Verity Symcox is an Executive Coach, Behavioural Change Specialist, Mental Health Researcher and Head Coach at fifty50 Coaching. She has an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School, certificates in Positive Psychiatry for Mental Health and Awareness of Mental Health Problems and BACP therapeutic foundation training. Verity has been working, training and researching in the field of mental health for over 7 years and brings to the table a wealth of expertise in coaching clients during periods of poor mental health, stress and burnout.


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