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Episode 167

Regulating “Heat” in Vertical Development

In this conversation with coach and facilitator Lucille Greeff we explore how the global south can inform how the global north holds coaching, adult development theory, organizational development work, how “heat experiences” can support development, and refining the art of coaching.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:00 Introducing Lucille
09:00 North vs South perspectives
12:00 Psychologizing our experience
19:30 Ancient practices in a modern world
25:30 “Heat” experiences
32:00 Bringing more heat
41:30 Being contextually informed
47:00 The practice of attunement
55:00 Harnessing systemic intelligence
1:05:00 Using heat with consent
1:14:00 Using maps

Resources Mentioned:
Bayo Akomolafe
Steve Biko
Franz Fanon
George Washington Carver
Bonnitta Roy
Nick Petrie
Theory U
Otto Scharmer
Undercover Boss
Action learning
Patricia Shaw

About Lucille

Lucille Greeff
Lucille Greeff

Lucille Greeff is a director of Aephoria and a Chartered Organisation Development (OD) practitioner, facilitator, coach, team development specialist and psychometrist. Her work focuses on personal, team and organizational change and transformation with an emphasis on balancing health and effectiveness, issue-centricity and deep transformation. Her clients span across financial services, retail, resources, Information Technology, manufacturing, agricultural, government and non-governmental sectors. Lucille has written and published a number of organizational and poetic works. She is also a vision quest facilitator and makes use of wilderness-based leadership development and deep ecology work as part of her practice.


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