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Episode 163

Adult Development Theory Today

In this conversation with Dana Carman, Shakiyla Smith and Valerie Livesay we explore the current criticisms of adult development theory and what is currently happening in the field of coaching around this topic.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:00 Introducing the three guests
12:00 The magic of Eros
20:00 Adult development theory
24:00 Holding frameworks lightly
29:30 Constriction in the theory
35:00 Embracing the evolutionary mess
45:00 Phenomenological expression of theory
50:00 Including the ephemeral
56:30 Allowing spaciousness
1:00:00 Entering the space of not knowing
1:012:00 A living theory

Resources Mentioned:
Bill Torbert
Stutz, documentary on Netflix
Leaving the ghost light burning, by Valerie Livesay

About Dana

Dana Carmen
Dana Carman

Dana Carman is an expert in human and organizational transformation. Since 1984 he has worked as a senior advisor, consultant and executive coach to leaders of more than 200 visionary organizations on 5 five continents. Dana has co-founded two pioneering consultancies and trained and certified more than 500 consultant’s, coaches and change agents worldwide. In the last several years, Dana has co-founded the Action Inquiry Associates, and is an owner, board member and core faculty of MetaIntegral Academy which offers next generation leader development programs for executives and change agents from five continents.


About Shakiyla

Shakiyla Smith

Shakiyla Smith is the Vice President of organizational culture at the Fetzer Institute. Shakiyla’s work involves leading efforts to foster a culture that is spiritually grounded, reflective of a community of freedom, diverse and inclusive, organizationally agile, and growth-oriented. Prior to joining Fetzer, Shakiyla worked in the areas of violence prevention research, program development and evaluation, and research administration for more than 15 years both within academia and the federal government. She also works with individuals and groups as an action researcher interested in the evolution of consciousness in adults, adult development, and adaptive and collaborative learning using the method of action inquiry.


About Valerie

Valerie Livesay

Valerie Livesay has been thinking about and inquiring into the phenomenon of fallback for more than a decade. As Chief Illuminator at Ghost Light Leadership, Valerie accompanies individuals through their discovery of self using the analogy of theater to set the stage for their historical and unfolding story. Through her writing, speaking, coaching, and workshop offerings, Valerie invites the many characters that comprise the full ensemble of one’s self to dance together in order to better meet their intentions. Valerie is the author of Leaving the Ghost Light Burning.


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