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Episode 161

A Response to Dave Snowden’s Critique of Developmental Theory

In this conversation with William Torbert we explore his perspectives on Dave Snowden’s critiques of vertical development, including the concern about elitism, action logic perspectives, post cognitive consciousness, the 4 territories of experience and a more inclusive way of being.

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In this podcast we talk about:

05:00 Developmental Theory and elitism
10:00 Understanding power
15:00: The third person view
19:00 Later action logic perspectives
29:00 The 4 territories of experience
35:00 Shifting one’s action logic level
43:00 Locating ourselves
48:00 Post-mental complexity
53:00 A more inclusive way of being
60:00 Facing death

Resources Mentioned:
Numbskull in the Theatre of Inquiry, by William Torbert

About William

William Torbert
William Torbert

William R. Torbert is the Principal of Action Inquiry Associates LLC, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus of Global Leadership Associates, Director of the Amara Collaboration and a Founding Member of the Action Inquiry Fellowship. His groundbreaking work on Developmental Action Inquiry is the foundation for the work of Global Leadership Associates. Bill has enjoyed an distinguished academic career: Yale, Southern Methodist university, Harvard, Boston College, Leadership professor Emeritus, and is an award winning teacher. He is the author of a dozen books, including Seven Transformations of Leadership, selected as one of the top ten Harvard Business Review leadership articles of all time and his most recent book, Numbskull in the Theatre of Inquiry.


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