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Episode 168

The Art of Evolutionary Facilitation

In this conversation with senior Leadership Strategist Amy Elizabeth Fox, CEO of Mobius Executive Leadership, we talk about some of the post-covid changes and the critical cultural steps organizations need to take to create belonging, foster psychological safety and inspire a hopeful Future. Amy also discusses the importance of having teachers in a path of spiritual development and healing and how to discern ethical and potent guides on the path. She also talks about her own inner life as a practitioner and how to shift your relationship with life. Finally, she delineates some of the hallmarks and practices of evolutionary practitioners (coaches and facilitators) and shares key tenets of the Mobius approach to organizational change.

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In this podcast we talk about:

02:00 Cultural imperatives for organizations post-COVID
10:30 The importance of having teachers in a personal development path
19:00 The art of pattern discernment as a coach or group facilitator
20:00 How to choose spiritual guides who are ethical and trustworthy
22:00 Stages of transformational development
29:00 Using life to as an evolutionary path
37:00 Evolutionary practitioners
42:00 A socio/cultural/political issue: understanding collective trauma
45:30 Key tenets of the Mobius approach to personal and organizational development
52:00 The important work of transforming organizations and restoring society

Resources Mentioned:
Thomas Huebl
Patrick Connor
Steven Hassan
Bob Kegan
Jennifer Garvey Berger 
Lisa Lahey
Erica Ariel Fox

About Amy

Amy Elizabeth Fox

Amy Elizabeth Fox is a senior leadership strategist with experience consulting to senior leadership on issues related to human capital, organizational health and leadership development. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Mobius Executive Leadership, a premier leadership development firm with offices in Boston and London. Over the past decade and a half she has spoken at numerous national industry gatherings and led workshops for corporate executives across the country. Amy is also psychotherapist and an executive coach.


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