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Episode 134

Modeling Wholeness

Many coaches are plagued by a sense that they have to “get it right” – a mindset that is counterproductive to great coaching.

In this conversation with executive coach Jerry Colonna we explore the essence of coaching, coaching in the crisis of modernity, spirituality in coaching, modeling wholeness, trusting our intuition and authenticity in coaching.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:00 What is coaching
11:10 The goal of coaching
17:30 The crisis of modernity
24:30 Spirituality in coaching
28:00 Modeling wholeness
33:00 Releasing the need to “get it right”
40:00 Trusting our intuition
45:00 The fundamental assumption
49:00 The healing balm of coaching
53:30 Being present for ourselves
1:00:00 Authenticity in coaching

Resources Mentioned:
Carl Rogers
The mindful coach, by Doug Silsbee

About Jerry

Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna is the CEO and co-founder of, an executive coaching and leadership development firm whose coaches and facilitators are committed to the notion that better humans make better leaders. For nearly 20 years he has used the knowledge gained as an investor, an executive and a board member for more than 100 organizations to help entrepreneurs and others to lead with humanity, resilience and equanimity.


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