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Episode 152

Emotional Literacy in Coaching

In this conversation with executive coach Gonzalo Córdova we talk about emotional literacy in coaching, the science of emotions, how to bring emotional literacy into corporate environments, understanding emotional filters and having congruence as a coach.

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In this podcast we talk about:

05:00 The evolving role of coaches
08:30 Emotional literacy in coaching
11:30 Emotions and science
16:00 Emotions in the corporate world
22:30 Interpreting our world
30:00 Using the linguistic approach
35:00 Interpreting reality
44:00 Learning emotional literacy
51:00 Emotional filters
57:00 Congruence as a coach
1:02:00 Strategic conversations

About Gonzalo

Gonzalo Córdova

Gonzalo Córdova is an international facilitator, lecturer and an experienced executive coach. He has more than fifteen years of immersion in human development and is an expert at innovating and energizing leaders and has trained and coached more than 3,000 people around the globe. His focus is building communities of learning for the betterment of individuals and organizations throughout the globe. Gonzalo is one of the founders of The Newfield Network Mexico and LSHuman, an innovative company based in Malaga, Spain, dedicated to bringing about the synthesis of the mind, body and spirit to develop powerful leadership presence.


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