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Latest Podcast Episodes

Gaston Schmitz Headshot

Gaston Schmitz

Episode 143

The Vibration of Leadership

September 22, 2022

Start-up founders are a powerful force for change in a time when radical innovation is crucial, but they inhabit a particularly fast-paced and highly demanding work environment. How can we best support them?

In this conversation with Executive Coach Gaston Schmitz we dive into the particular challenges faced by Asian founders and the coaching approaches that support their growth, the vibration of leadership, how coaches can train their vibrational perception, and the foundations of intuitive coaching.

Dave Snowden Headshot

Dave Snowden

Episode 142

The Problem with Developmental Models

September 13, 2022
with Dave Snowden
Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Episode 141

Jean Gebser’s Work & Evolving Integrality

September 5, 2022
with Jeremy Johnson