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Episode 98

Unpacking Systemic Coaching & Redefining the Industry

Coaching is still a relatively new modality and remains unregulated; as such it’s a rich ground for innovation as well as ethically questionable behaviour.

In this conversation with master coach Ram Ramanathan we discuss the dark side of the coaching industry, systemic coaching, working with stakeholder perspectives and fostering collective intelligence.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:45 The growth of Coacharya
04:05 The democratization of coaching
14:00 The dark side of the coaching industry
21:45 Honesty and ethics in coaching
27:05 The impact of systemic coaching
31:10 Spirituality and coaching
34:30 Individual vs team coaching
41:00 Bringing in stakeholder perspectives
45:00 The energetic dynamics of a team
52:35 Serving from a place of not knowing

Resources Mentioned:
Systemic coaching 
Peter Hawkins
Carl Rogers
Kurt Lewin
Peter Senge
Otto Scharmer
John Whitmore

About Ram

Ram S. Ramanathan

Ram S. Ramanathan MCC is a master coach for leaders who wish to embark on their Hero's Journey and founder of Coacharya. As a leadership development coach, Ram works with groups and individuals on issues of team-building, alignment of cultural values, co-creation of vision to action plans, strategic performance issues of engagement, and coping with VUCA. He has authored several books on Eastern philosophy and published articles internationally on mindless awareness in coaching. He teaches as an adjunct faculty at post graduate programs and speaks at events related to human development.


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