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Episode 88

What is Systemic Coaching

The term “systemic” is bandied about quite liberally nowadays, but is there actually any consensus on what it means in the context of coaching?

In this conversation with Dr. Paul Lawrence we dive into how systemic thinking can be applied in coaching, differences between adult development and systems thinking and the evolution of the coaching industry.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:00 Red flags in the coaching field
09:25 Adult development vs systemic thinking
15:50 The five ways of thinking (about Covid)
19:45 The collaborative systemic perspective
26:38 The metasystemic perspective
30:30 What influences our thinking
34:15 Sabotaging insularity of the coaching profession
39:00 The primary ingredient for powerful coaching
43:23 Meaning-making is social
47:05 Team coaching in five minutes

Resources Mentioned:

Ralph Stacey
Gareth Morgan

About Paul

Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence is a consultant, executive coach, facilitator, writer and researcher. His primary interest lies in helping organisations effect change, building holistic solutions, integrating change efforts with other OD interventions such as coaching and leadership development. Paul is Regional Chair for the Association for Coaching (AC) in South-East Asia, Australian Ambassador for the Association of Coaching Supervisors (AoCS) and co-editor in chief for the Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal. His new book, Coaching Systemically, is out now.


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