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Episode 170

The Power of Presence Online Course

In this conversation with Karim Hirani we introduce our new course The Power of Presence, why it’s relevant now, how it can empower coaches, how it works, who is on the faculty and more.

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In this podcast we talk about:

03:00 Why is the course relevant now
05:30 The impact of AI
11:30 What is presence
15:00 Being above the line
20:00 The immediate vs the gradual path
23:00 Meeting parts with presence
26:30 Allowing the unfolding
30:30 Taking risks
32:00 Working with depth
36:00 The final module
40:30 Activation sessions

Resources Mentioned:
Robert Kegan
Jim Dethmer
Thomas Huebl
Nicholas Janni
John Prendergast
Diana Chapman
Steve March
Arawana Hayashi
Theory U
Oren Harris
David Whyte
Jim Dethmer Workshop:

About Karim

Karim Hirani

Karim Hirani is Global Head of Quality and Design for BTS Coach and oversees quality, training and skill development for BTS Coach associates. As Head of Design function, Karim develops programs meet the needs of organizations globally. His thought leadership in coaching has taken the form of peer reviewed papers, presenting at ICF Global, ICF US, ICF Europe, ICF Australia and APAC conferences, and he is the co-author of “The four greatest coaching conversations”.


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