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Jim Dethmer


The transformational potential of your coaching has very little to do with your technique.

There are many methodologies and strategies that are effective in coaching.

Good coaches can take any discipline and successfully help their clients grow.

But when coaching moves into the realm of transformation, something fundamental shifts. And it’s not the method that matters.

In fact, the transformational potential of your coaching has very little to do with your technique.

Instead, your most powerful tool as a coach is something that is often hidden behind a veil of mystery…


Presence is so much more than the word implies. It’s more than showing up, or paying attention, or being grounded. It’s a way of being that fundamentally changes the game of coaching.

It gives you access to your deepest wisdom and greatest creativity — opening the door to the most profound levels of change. 

Presence is something we can all feel, but very few people can show you how to access it.

Jim Dethmer is one of those rare and brilliant teachers. And he’s sharing his elegant and practical system with us for free.

In this free workshop, Jim will decode the mystery behind presence, and give you the practical tools to reliably bring it into your coaching sessions. 

Through this experiential session you will:

  • Understand the 4 states of consciousness, and how they affect your ability to catalyze transformation
  • Develop the self-awareness to know which state you’re in, and how to shift
  • Learn practical tools to move into presence, so you can access your own deepest wisdom as a coach
  • Discover how to support your clients to move into presence with you, connecting them to their greatest transformational potential

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Jim Dethmer is a world leading transformational and visionary coach. He is a founding partner at The Conscious Leadership Group, and co-author of The 15 Commitments to Conscious Leadership.  Jim has been coaching and teaching for over 30 years, dedicating his incredible presence to the expansion of conscious leadership in the world.