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Episode 114

The Power of Deep Listening

Attuning to different levels of perception through our quality of listening is something we do naturally as coaches, but learning to navigate this skill with even greater nuance is a limitless endeavor that is endlessly rich.

In this conversation with CEO and facilitator Veronica Love we dive into the crisis of listening, the limitations of obvious realities, dynamic coherency, the power of pausing and non-conceptual modes of perception.

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In this podcast we talk about:
03:30 The crisis of listening
06:50 The beauty of dialogue
11:00 The limits of obvious realities
15:20 The need to be heard
18:50 Three levels of visual perception
25:10 Holonic cognizance
29:00 The power of pausing
35:00 Becoming in each other’s presence
40:45 Dynamic coherency
46:00 Finding the teaching
50:00 Non-conceptual modes of perception
57:00 Individual versus collective spaces
01:03:15 Compassion and depth

Resources Mentioned:
Ken Wilber
Terri O’Fallon
Perspectives on coaching mastery

About Veronica

Headshot of Veronica Olalla Love
Veronica Olalla Love

Veronica Love is the Global CEO of The Newfield Network and an international facilitator who trains leaders and coaches who change the world. Veronica has lead Newfield's signature coach training and leadership programs internationally in 8 countries and in two languages. She has trained everyone from individuals, to coaches, to entrepreneurs, to leaders in top organization such as NASA, Google, Fortune 50 Consulting Firms, Niki, IBM, The World Bank and more. Veronica’s unique light and playful demeanor compliment her capacity for depth and impact. She powerfully integrates language and emotions, and how they show up in our bodies to encourage learning and new awareness that helps us create new results in the world.


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