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Episode 155

Fostering Coaching Mastery

David Drake
December 14, 2022
90 minutes

In this conversation with coach and CEO of the Moment Institute, David Drake, we explore how we can be effective, masterful coaches in the context of these times, breadth versus depth, the perception of change versus what creates change, exploring patterns, the five maturities and competence versus mastery.

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In this podcast we talk about:

06:30 Coaching in a liminal space
09:00 Supporting coaching mastery
17:00 Breadth versus depth
22:00 Deeply meeting the client
28:00 Allowing not-knowing
35:00 The perception of change
43:00 Exploring patterns
52:00 The 5 maturities
57:00 Identity and coaching
1:07:00 Coaching blind spots
1:12:00 Competence and outcomes
1:16:30 Capacity-building

Resources Mentioned:
Daniel Stern

About David

David Drake
David Drake

David B Drake, PhD, is the founder and CEO of the Moment Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose mission is to reinvent learning & development for practitioners and clients to better meet the challenges of our time. He pioneered the field of Narrative Coaching, and he has taught coaching skills to over 10,000 leaders, managers, and professionals. He is the author of over fifty publications on narratives and coaching, including his book “Narrative Coaching; The definitive guide to bringing new stories to life”, co-editor of the SAGE Handbook of Coaching (2016) and a thought leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard.


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