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Episode 171

Mastery and Metaphors in Coaching

In this conversation with Pat Williams we speak about the differences between a new coach, a professional coach and a master coach, the power of metaphor, the importance of non-formulaic coaching, creating transformational coaches and critiques of the industry.

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In this podcast we talk about:

06:00 Introducing Pat
12:00 Growth-oriented coaching
17:30 Creating transformational coaches
22:00 Working with mirror neurons
26:00 Non-formulaic coaching
30:00 Metaphors as a coaching tool
36:00 Evoking client metaphors
47:00 Chosen and unchosen change
52:00 The path of mastery
61:30 Listening & connection
1:06:30 Critiques of the industry
1:10:00 ICF competencies
1:14:00 Coaching vs therapy

Resources Mentioned:
Milton Erickson
Roberto Assagioli
Carl Jung
Fritz Perls

About Pat

Pat Williams

Dr Pat Wiliams is an author and personal development coach who has been in the industry for over four decades. He is a founding member of the ICF and an inaugural member of its Circle of Distinction, a Master Certified Coach, a Board-Certified Coach, and a member of Forbes Coaching Council. In 2018, he was honored to be in the inaugural Circle of Distinction for the International Coach Federation. He founded the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT), which specializes in training those with a human services orientation and is the author of six books about professional coaching Dr. Pat currently provides coaching to Navy Seals, prisoners and formerly incarcerated, and teaches and mentors at several coach training entities.


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