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Episode 106

Introducing Systemic Intelligence to Organisations

We are living in times when we urgently need to start thinking in terms of systems rather than isolated parts.

In this conversation with leadership consultant Paul Zonneveld we dive into the foundations of the systemic approach to working with organisations, locating the blockages, the role of sensing and intuition, presencing unwanted parts and working with the soul of the organisation.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:45 The importance of the systemic approach
08:40 Including all the options
13:10 Locating the blockage
17:20 Applying principles of family systems
25:45 The importance of roots, order & exchange
31:20 Linear thinking and complexity
35:55 Systemic work in an organisation
41:40 The role of sensing
46:40 Accessing intuition
51:00 Presencing the unwanted parts
58:00 Working with the soul of the organisation

Resources Mentioned:
Bert Hellinger
Family Constellations

About Paul

Paul Zonneveld

Paul Zonneveld is an internationally experienced leadership consultant who guides leaders, professionals and organizations in growth, change and transformation processes. Paul is a Mobius Executive Leadership senior faculty for top team interventions with over twenty-five years of international business experience in various roles. He has unique expertise in understanding systems, enabling him to offer insight into how to manage change and transformation for leaders of large companies, those who find themselves in complex situations or those going through M&A.


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