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Episode 119

From Perception To Meaning-Making

Our understanding of how our brains work continues to evolve, as well as our understanding of how we create meaning. How can we use advances in cognitive science to help our coaching clients?

In this conversation with Amanda Blake and John Vervaeke we dive into cognitive science and how it can help us understand meaning-making, how cognition is not in your head, different forms of knowing, reciprocal opening and narrowing and how cognitive science translates to practical tools for coaches.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:45 Conversations at the edge
04:40 What does cognitive science do
10:05 Cognition isn’t in your head
17:20 From perception to meaning-making
21:30 The 4 main factors for meaning
28:00 Embodied self-awareness & connectedness
33:20 The impact of attentional filtering
43:50 Propositional and participatory knowing
53:40 Generating reciprocal opening
58:50 Youth mental health and the virtual world
1:04:45 Using synesthesia as a tool
1:08:00 Understanding addiction
1:18:10 The cerebellum and transferable skills
1:25:25 Using enactive analogy

Resources Mentioned:
Gabor Mate
Marc Lewis
The language of coaching, by Nick Winkelman

About Amanda

Amanda Blake

Amanda Blake is a Leadership Coach, creator of the popular Body = Brain course on the neurobiology of experiential learning and author of the forthcoming book, Your Body Is Your Brain. In addition to teaching about the art and science of embodiment, she works with leaders worldwide to help them become their best self, enjoy life more, and make a bigger contribution. She is a Master Somatic Leadership Coach and holds a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University.

About John

John Vervaeke
John Vervaeke

John Vervaeke, PhD is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive science and Buddhist psychology. He teaches courses in the Psychology department on thinking and reasoning, cognitive development, and higher cognitive processes. He also teaches a course in the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health program on Buddhism and Cognitive Science. He has a popular YouTube channel where he shares his insights and research on these topics. His abiding passion is to address the meaning crisis that besets western culture.

YouTube channel
Voices with vervaeke
Awakening from the meaning crisis
The elusive I

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