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Episode 186

Embodied Self-Awareness

October 10, 2023
75 minutes

In this conversation with leadership coach Amanda Blake we explore including the body, the brain-body approach, the experiential field, embodied self-awareness and coaching and growing our capacity as coaches.

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In this podcast we talk about:

06:00 The problem with science
11:30 The brain-body approach
20:00 Embodied self-awareness
23:30 Default-mode vs task-positive networks
28:00 The intellectual emphasis
33:00 The experiential field
39:30 What generates embodied self-awareness
43:30 What modalities really work
47:30 Experiential, embodied and embedded
51:00 Embodied self-awareness and coaching
58:00 Sensation and emotion
1:01:00 Growing capacity
1:08:00 Tech and coaching

Resources Mentioned:
Your body is your brain, by Amanda Blake
The Centering Log

About Amanda

Amanda Blake

Amanda Blake is a Leadership Coach, creator of the popular Body = Brain course on the neurobiology of experiential learning and author of the forthcoming book, Your Body Is Your Brain. In addition to teaching about the art and science of embodiment, she works with leaders worldwide to help them become their best self, enjoy life more, and make a bigger contribution. She is a Master Somatic Leadership Coach and holds a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University.

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