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Episode 100

Memory Reconsolidation & the Neuroscience of Change

The way we engage with the world is largely rooted in learned habits that are deeply embodied. How can neuroscience and embodied coaching inform how we help our clients change?

In this conversation with leadership coach Amanda Blake we dive into the neuroscience of change, ways of knowing, how to work with embodied habits and the deep philosophical waters of transformation.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:55 Why neuroscience is helpful for coaches
07:10 Models of neural functioning
14:00 Leveraging vision and desire for change
21:00 Motivators for transformation
25:00 Working with embodied habits
30:50 Activating the parasympathetic nervous system
35:05 Encountering deep philosophical waters
41:00 Humility in the spiritual world
44:30 Interrupting the self-constellation
51:35 How to help clients shift a behaviour

Herbert Simon
4E cognition
Bernardo Kastrup
Bruce Eckers
John Vervaeke
Unlocking the emotional brain, by Bruce Ecker and others
Why I am not a Buddhist, by Evan Thompson

About Amanda

Amanda Blake

Amanda Blake is a Leadership Coach, creator of the popular Body = Brain course on the neurobiology of experiential learning and author of the forthcoming book, Your Body Is Your Brain. In addition to teaching about the art and science of embodiment, she works with leaders worldwide to help them become their best self, enjoy life more, and make a bigger contribution. She is a Master Somatic Leadership Coach and holds a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University.

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