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Episode 156

Deracialization, Anti-racism & Cultural Intelligence

In this conversation with CEO of the Jazz Leadership Project, Greg Thomas, we explore the process of racialization, how racialized worldviews impact development, the limits of the anti-racism movement, cultural intelligence, antagonistic cooperation and a more expansive approach to the topic of deracialization.

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In this podcast we talk about:

03:00 Introducing Greg Thomas
07:30 The process of racialization
12:30 How a racial worldview operates
18:30 Unpacking white privilege
25:00 Racialization and adult development
32:00 Cultural intelligence
39:00 Antagonistic cooperation
43:30 The limits of anti-racism
49:00 A more expansive approach
55:00 Anti-racism in leadership

Resources Mentioned:
The arc of a bad idea, by Carlos Hoyt
John Vervaeke: Awakening form the meaning crisis (YouTube)
Race in North America, by Audrey Smedley
Dr Sheena Mason, Theory of racelessness
Ibram X. Kendi
Robin DiAngelo
Steve McIntosh
Habits of whiteness, by Terrance MacMullan
Zak Stein
Albert Murray

About Greg

Greg Thomas
Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Jazz Leadership Project. Greg embodies the strategic vision of the company and enacts it during live workshops and for the Tune In To Leadership blog. The Co-Creator of G&J Productions, Greg has been instrumental in developing humanities programs for top cultural organizations such as Jazz at Lincoln Center. As a journalist and scholar, he has conducted in-depth research and conducted hundreds of interviews over the course of his career. Greg has given presentations on jazz, culture, race, and democratic life and values for a range of online platforms and institutions such Columbia, Hamilton and Harvard.


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