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Episode 83

Cross-disciplinary Approaches in Narrative Coaching

Our collective narrative is crumbling and forcing a re-evaluation of both our personal and our collective story. How can we help our clients create new narratives in these times of great uncertainty?

In this conversation with coach and trainer Robert Stephenson we explore how to create new narratives when the old ones break down, cross-disciplinary coaching and working at our leading edge, and the hidden power dynamic in the coaching relationship.

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Staying inspired is an important part of keeping a freshness to our coaching. Whether it be reading or experiencing something that may or may not be related to coaching, keeping new ideas and energy flowing through our lives helps us to stay at our emerging edge in our coaching work.

When we tune in to a client we’re not only listening to what they’re saying but also to what is not being said, to the way things are said, to their body language, tone, repetition and the energy they’re embodying. So much important information is held not in the overt sharing by the client but in the subtle aspects around what they’re sharing.

What We Talk About

01:50: Coaching during the pandemic
8:35: The narratives we live in and our response to their breakdown
11:50: How do we create a new narrative
13:25: What to listen for in the creation of the new narrative
16:37: Tuning into the frequency of the client
19:05: Learning to trust your intuition
22:03: Cross-disciplinary coaching
28:41: Working at our leading edge
37:42: The existential approach of Animas Coaching
44:40: Personal boundaries with clients
46:55: The hidden power dynamic in the coaching relationship
51:45: The impact of the pandemic on diversity and inclusion

Resources mentioned
David Drake
Michael White

About Robert

Robert Stephenson

Robert Stephenson is the Centre Director for Animas Coaching, where he manages and supports the Leadership Team across the globe ensuring quality training. With a background that has roots in performance and theatre, Robert's journey to life coaching and training has taken him along a path of varied experience and learning, including working with young people in schools and teaching on degrees at several universities.


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