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Episode 164

Coaching & Leadership Post-Pandemic

In this conversation with consultant Jeffrey Hull we explore the science of coaching and the maturation of the field, the paradox of wisdom, regenerative paradigms, the evolution of leadership, healing and somatics, and creating a generative ontology.

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In this podcast we talk about:

05:00 Coaching in complexity
14:00 Science catching up
20:30 Responsibility & accountability
26:00 The importance of “warm data”
31:00 The paradox of increasing wisdom
39:00 The evolution of leadership
42:00 Opening deeper conversations
48:00 The urgency of healing
51:30 The essence of our work
57:00 Breaking the mold
1:07:00 A generative ontology

Resources Mentioned:
Spring Cheng
Carl Jung
Amanda Blake
Richard Strozzi Heckler
Nora Bateson
Dan Siegel
Richard Tedeschi
Daniel Kahneman
Charles Eisenstein
The listening society, by Hanzi Freinacht

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Hull

Jeffrey Hull, PhD, is an author, educator, and consultant with more than twenty years’ experience partnering with C-suite executives on issues of high-performance leadership, change management, organizational strategy, structure, and culture. He is a highly sought-after facilitator, keynote speaker, and executive coach to both nonprofit and for-profit global organizations. The CEO of LeaderShift Inc., a management consultancy based in New York City, he is also the executive director at the Institute of Coaching, a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School, and an adjunct professor of leadership at New York University. Jefrey is the author of Flex, the art and science of leadership in a changing world.


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