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Episode 87

Coaching: An Industry in Transition

As the pace of change accelerates and organisations begin to develop a systemic view in order to meet the demands of increasing complexity, how can the coaching industry best respond?

In this conversation with executive coach Paul Byrne we explore the current and emergent business model of coaching, transitioning coaching to a collaborative ecosystem and the architecture of organisational change.

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What We Talk About

05:42 The potential of coaching
12:28 Coaches as catalysts
23:12 The business model of coaching
28:18 Transitioning to a collaborative ecosystem
39:10 Collaborative network requirements
46:50 The architecture of organisational change
55:15 The emerging edge of coaching

Resources Mentioned:
The leadership Circle
Michael Lurie
Reinventing organisations, Frederic Laloux

About Paul

Paul Byrne

Paul Byrne is an executive coach and president of the European branch of The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group. Paul excels at working with organizations in high-growth, entrepreneurial environments as well as large global companies seeking to foster cultures of innovation and operational agility. He blends a systemic approach to organizational change with a unique ability to engage senior leaders in deeply transformational conversations.

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