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Episode 97

The Power of Team Coaching

Organisations are increasingly aware of the extent to which their efficacy and success depends upon their teamwork.

In this conversation with executive and team coach Kimberley Parsons we explore the scope and process of team coaching, decoding norms in the ecosystem, key issues that teams struggle with, and harnessing collective intelligence.

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Team coaching, like any coaching, is all about making the invisible, visible. It’s about increasing awareness to open up more possibilities. Teams are ecosystems, so the individual is a system within a system (within the system of the organisation). Understanding and working with these nested systems is part of what makes team coaching so exciting.

In this podcast we talk about:

01:25 The scope of team coaching
08:35 Self-regulation in teams
15:45 Sensing, Making Moves and Being
23:10 The internal process of the team coach
27:35 Decoding the norms in the ecosystem
33:30 Empowering teams
37:50 Key issues that teams struggle with
42:50 When to integrate individual coaching
45:50 Harnessing collective intelligence
51:15 Making the invisible, visible

About Kimberley

Kimberley Parsons
Kimberley Parsons

Kimberley Lewis Parsons is an executive and team coach, master facilitator and speaker who partners with teams and leaders to help them reach higher levels of performance and results. With over nineteen years serving in Fortune 500 and not-for-profit companies, her experiences position her to bring pragmatism and a results focus, as well as an emphasis on the heart and humanity to her clients. Kimberley is the founder of Created For Greatness, llc - a leadership effectiveness company dedicated to helping leaders and teams achieve more meaningful outcomes and increased effectiveness in their workplace, communities, and relationships.


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