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Episode 61

Becoming an Embodied Transmission of Transformation

As the curve of chaos steepens due to COVID-19, leaders are more aware than ever of the shifting demands of organisational leadership.

In this conversation with leadership strategist Amy Fox we explore the new competencies required by leaders, the skills coaches need to help them in acquiring them and the missing pieces in organisational wholeness

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Leadership Capacities in The New Age

In a climate where leaders are learning faster than ever that they cannot solely rely on their intellectual capacities, there is an increasing openness in the organisational world to deeper self-exploration and development.

The question for many coaches is, how do we bring deeper coaching work to new prospects? Amy suggests there are three main factors:

  • Language and framing
  • Quality of presence
  • Joy and vitality

Leaders will need new competencies in the coming decade, such as the cultivation of spaciousness, the ability to access intelligence wider than our own and to sense the emerging future, as well as an ability to move slower and more patiently within the chaos and complexity and hold paradox.

Fostering Our Subtle Capacities as Coaches

As coaches we can embody some of this wisdom by moving from a goal-oriented mentality to a following mode and trusting that the client’s highest intelligence will guide the conversation. By opening ourselves in this way we help to create a morphic field between us and the client, allowing for information exchange to occur at a much deeper level than simply through language.

Another capacity to foster is our ability to notice, name and hold in great compassion that which we feel is incongruent in our client. We might catch something they say as being spoken from their unconscious, or notice that they’ve broken eye contact or that they have lost the energetic connection to us.

We also need to cultivate a heart that can hold and lean towards that which has been violated or traumatised and foster an awareness of personal and collective trauma as factors that play a large role in defining us, our interpersonal relating and our social structures.

What’s missing in our culture

The work culture we currently have is one that, to a large extent, rejects emotion, which has led to a shutting down of our capacity to be with deeper emotions (we very easily judge them as “too much”). The side-effect of this is that we’re also somewhat shut down to Eros, to the creative erotic energy that fuels aliveness and joy and vitality.

This connects us also to our natural capacity to sense something greater than us, something we might call “divine”. If we are to create workplaces and a culture that is inclusive of all that it means to be human, the concepts of the sacred and of the soul, must be reintegrated.

Resources Mentioned:
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About Amy

Amy Elizabeth Fox

Amy Elizabeth Fox is a senior leadership strategist with experience consulting to senior leadership on issues related to human capital, organizational health and leadership development. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Mobius Executive Leadership, a premier leadership development firm with offices in Boston and London. Over the past decade and a half she has spoken at numerous national industry gatherings and led workshops for corporate executives across the country. Amy is also psychotherapist and an executive coach.


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